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  • Arrival Night & Day 1

    Travel journals and travel notes - Arrival Night & Day 1

    Thu Jan 3, 2013 | Athens, Greece Travel journals from Greece

    We arrive at the Art Gallery Hotel in Athens around 9pm. A quaint and cozy 4 story complex, with an awesome marble spiral staircase and an old fashioned elevator. The fourth floor functioned as a lounge/dining area complete with a bar open at night and a terrace which offered a wonderful view of the Acropolis. Around 10:30pm (a normal dinner hour in Greece!) we head to a taverna down the …

  • Day 1 - Journey

    Travel journals and travel notes - Day 1 - Journey

    Sun Aug 7, 2016 | London, United Kingdom Travel journals from United Kingdom

    How exciting my first blog entry! So I'm still in England at the moment (just checking this works how I think it works). With everything packed and ready all I have to do is wait...and wait...and PATIENTLY wait some more till this evening's flight. Just found out that my flight has been delayed...not the best news, but as long as I don't miss my connecting flight it's shoul all be fine. Just a bit …


    Travel journals and travel notes - LAST STOP

    Mon Mar 14, 2016 | Porto Alegre, Brazil Travel journals from Brazil

    Hard to believe I have been in Porto Alegre for 3 months! When I first came my host family was super welcoming. I was sort of homesick coming in from doing so much traveling prior to meeting my host family, but I didn't want to carry my home sickness into this experience so I sucked it up and decided to make the best of it even though I was feeling that …