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Pirenopolis, Brazil

Photo by: Karl

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  • Day 1 - Journey

    Travel journals and travel notes - Day 1 - Journey

    Sun Aug 7, 2016 | London, United Kingdom Travel journals from United Kingdom

    How exciting my first blog entry! So I'm still in England at the moment (just checking this works how I think it works). With everything packed and ready all I have to do is wait...and wait...and PATIENTLY wait some more till this evening's flight. Just found out that my flight has been delayed...not the best news, but as long as I don't miss my connecting flight it's shoul all be fine. Just a bit …

  • Arrival Night & Day 1

    Travel journals and travel notes - Arrival Night & Day 1

    Thu Jan 3, 2013 | Athens, Greece Travel journals from Greece

    We arrive at the Art Gallery Hotel in Athens around 9pm. A quaint and cozy 4 story complex, with an awesome marble spiral staircase and an old fashioned elevator. The fourth floor functioned as a lounge/dining area complete with a bar open at night and a terrace which offered a wonderful view of the Acropolis. Around 10:30pm (a normal dinner hour in Greece!) we head to a taverna down the …

  • Volunteering in Xela

    Travel journals and travel notes - Volunteering in Xela

    Mon May 9, 2016 | Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Travel journals from Guatemala

    Volunteering in Xela   Spanish classes, hiking, sightseeing, going out, salsa classes, soccer games, there is certainly enough to do in and around Xela! But what if you’re looking for something different? Something that adds more variety to your stay? Something that is not only important to you, but above all, to others? Voluntary work is the answer! There are some great initiatives to be found within Xela, for which there are a …