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  • Captivating Exposition by Mexican Artist Graciela Iturbide

    Travel journals and travel notes - Captivating Expositio...

    Thu Jun 4, 2015 | Santiago, Chile Travel journals from Chile

    "The camera is an excuse to share the life of the people, the rhythm and simplicity of festivities, to discover my country. While using my camera I am, above all, an actress participating in the scene taking place at the moment, and the other actors know what role I play. I never think of my images as a project, I simply live the situations and …

  • Travel Week to Phuket

    Travel journals and travel notes - Travel Week to  Phuke...

    Mon Jun 29, 2015 | Bangkok, Thailand Travel journals from Thailand

    For my program we are allowed one week of travel, a group of 7 of us decided to travel to Phuket. Overwhelmed with joy we hopped in our red car and traveled to the airport. Our first stop was Phuket, we ended up staying in Patong Beach after we heard it was near a lot of night life and travel. It is fairly difficult for me to sum up the …

  • Connect and Futuralia

    Travel journals and travel notes - Connect and Futuralia

    Fri Mar 13, 2015 | Lisbon, Portugal Travel journals from Portugal

    Monday 9 March 2015 This morning I had a meeting with the ambassador and four others to help him prepare for his talk on Asia. We came prepared with questions that the press may throw at him after his speech. I had to leave the meeting early because I needed to escort the videographer and his assistant into the Manor House for more video footage from select individuals for more commentary on …