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My Adventures in Russia!

A Journal About my experiances abroad in Russia!

It Snows!

Russia Moscow, Russia  |  Nov 26, 2011
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My sincerest apologize to all my followers. I know it has been quite a long time since I've updated my blog. I have been very busy preparing for the Russian State Language Exam, as well as English tutoring. I am so very excited it has started snowing here in Moscow. My first time seeing it snow, YAY!!!!  However the down side is that is freezing now. Luckily I have some winter clothes my Russian friends let me borrow, as well as a new scarf my mom made for me. I shall be able to last these last few weeks.

            I believe tomorrow I am going to the circus. I hear Russian circuses are the best and I really can not wait. I have seen a few circus universities around town and thought that was pretty funny. I am lucky this program allows us to go to so many kool excursions for free.

            Little by little I am meeting new and interesting people. I have a new Friend Andrei who has shown me the ropes around town, and inviting me to partake in many fun activities, such as a photo shoot at a studio (Only modeling my eyes with some other people...I'm not supermodel yet :P ) and vip access to a Japanese cultural festival. I also met an interesting young lady by the name of Anna, who also has interest in international relations and languages.

            The Japanese cultural festival was an amazing experience. I was able to hear Japanese translated into Russian, and vice versa. I also got the opportunity to take pictures with famous Japanese Pop singer "May J" and producer Sakurai.

            I know I am going to miss Moscow when I have to return home.

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