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Volunteer testimonials from Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

Here are some testimonials of past volunteers and their experiences while volunteering at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

'My time at Askari' by Matt Bishop

South Africa South Africa  |  Jul 21, 2011
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 The dedication and enthusiasm the team here is very contagious. 

My four weeks at Askari have been at times exhausting, at other times breathtaking, but always inspiring and rewarding. The dedication and enthusiasm the team here is very contagious. They lead by example, always challenging you to work harder and become better and the rewards for your hard work are experiences that you can sometimes scarcely believe. Spending time with the Askari lion pride or watching as the cheetah brothers devour a fresh kill while I stood eight feet away.

 I wish the Askari team at Pidwa the very best for the future and hope that maybe one day that I can come and help them again.

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