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Volunteer testimonials from Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

Here are some testimonials of past volunteers and their experiences while volunteering at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

'My time at Askari' by Rachel Bishop

South Africa South Africa  |  Jul 22, 2011
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 I stayed at Askari for four weeks and it was the best adventure I could have ever hoped for. 

I stayed at Askari for four weeks and it was the best adventure I could have ever hoped for. Every day was different and we learnt so much about the bush and all its amazing wildlife. In our time here we helped to dart and release Nyala, took part in a mass capture of over 100 impala and build an aviary for Eddie the Eagle. We tracked the cheetah and saw them many times – once on a fresh kill. We learnt how to shoot a rifle and even had the chance to drive the game viewer down a ravine into the river! We saw rhino, lions, warthogs, eagles, snakes and were even lucky enough to see a pangolin. We fed the brown hyenas, we slept under the stars, we did everything we’d hoped for and more. The staff were amazing and made us feel like this was our home, they taught us so much and made sure we all had a great time. It has been a wonderful adventure and one that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience the ‘real’ bush. Askari is a rare and special place.

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