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Volunteer testimonials from Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

Here are some testimonials of past volunteers and their experiences while volunteering at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

'My time at Askari' by Rachel Nichols

South Africa South Africa  |  Sep 14, 2011
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 Every day here is an adventure as you never know what you’ll see! Thanks for such an amazing few weeks. 

My time at Askari has been amazing! Katie and Joe are a great team and really make you feel at home. The accommodation is far better than I expected, and the meals are delicious! Askari is all about returning the environment to its natural state and we had a number of lectures during the first week to explain how this is achieved. Practically we then got to help in the alien plant removal and collect data on herbivore age and sex ratios to assist in management, as well as many other activities. Highlights of my time here included spotting the rarer and more elusive animals on game drives, getting close to the Langa cheetah boys, learning so much about birds that ‘bird wars’ was played, being surrounded by a herd of elephants on sleepout, seeing camera trap footage of hyena cubs, getting an amazing sighting of leopard even if it was quite short, having an elephant come right up to the game drive car and play with the tracker chair.

Every day here is an adventure as you never know what you’ll see! Thanks for such an amazing few weeks.

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