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Events & sightings at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

From prescribed burns to amazing lion sighitngs, these entires detail some of the magical moments volunteers have been involved in at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

Amazing spotted hyaena cub sighting

South Africa South Africa  |  Oct 21, 2011
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 The youngster came all the way out and first spent some time pestering mum. 

This week the team took a long drive to the very southern section of the reserve. It started off with a visit to the boma which is housing our 4 new lions, due for release soon. From there it was all about the giraffes as we passed plenty of them, including tiny babies. We then caught glimpse of an old termite mound, just off the road, which appeared to have some fairly fresh holes. Suspecting it could be a spotted hyaena den, we went in for a closer look. We soon caught sight of an adult hyaena, in the shade of a tree, who was lying in a scraping next to the den. We were very excited and pulled in to have a look. She appeared very hot and had a continuous stream of dribble coming from her mouth! Just a  few minutes later a tiny little head popped out of the hole behind her. It was a cub, just 4-6 weeks old and still completely black. The youngster came all the way out and first spent some time pestering mum. In return for this affection, the cub received a large amount of slobber to the head! The cub then strayed a little further to come and have a look at us. Finally it found a fub stick to chew before also settling down for a snooze under the tree. At this stage we left them to it feeling completely honoured by what a special event we had just been witness to.

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  • Prescribed burns 2011

    October 13, 2011
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  • Amazing spotted hyaena cub sighting

    October 21, 2011
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