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Vounteer diary extracts

Snippets of daily action from volunteers at Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme

Bush school

South Africa South Africa  |  Nov 09, 2011
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 Later in the afternoon, all of the volunteers and Joe went with Phil to witness the brown hyena feeding. 

Today was quite adventurous…possibly more for Joe and Katie than for the volunteers as they happily taught us how to drive the game viewer up and down a steep hill through the Selati River. We all did amazingly well…even if there were a few stalls initially. In the same day, we learned to shoot a rifle. Surprisingly, we all managed to shoot several bullets within the target and only a few slightly off but still within the range on the platform. Three of the volunteers who have been here for several weeks went off with Katie to map area 6 of the hyena boma while the two others had a lecture. Area 6 is the only block in the middle of the boma which doesn’t have any borders along the fence. We noticed much less pasting in this area. Katie discovered a very thick, long piece of regurgitation … much like a cat hairball only much larger and thicker and it contained hooves! Later in the afternoon, all of the volunteers and Joe went with Phil to witness the brown hyena feeding. Only two of the four came out for us. This day was quite cloudy and it rained off and on though toward the evening the rain was more steady and included thunder and lightning which has postponed the hyena calling activity for another day.

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  • Bush school

    November 09, 2011
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