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  • From Washington, United States
  • Currently in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca de mi corazon

My four and a half months studying in Oaxaca MX


Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico  |  Aug 01, 2012
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  • The kids that I took care of colored pictures for me to take with me to Mexico. I love it!

 It's a huge blessing to know that they are all praying for me and cheering me on. 

Well, let's give this journal a spin and see if it works!

Two more days and then I will be on my way to Mexico! I am feeling excited about it, but I still don't think it has all hit me. From past experiences, I think that will come when I actually get to the airport. It's most definitely been an emotional roller coaster ride, that's for sure! Between saying goodbye and preparing and packing, my emotions range from sad to ecstatic. I am so thankful to have such a supportive family and boyfriend and friends. It's a huge blessing to know that they are all praying for me and cheering me on. Five months is a long time! My previous trip to Mexico was only two months and I was working a lot. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to write about my travels. This trip, I would love to spend more time writing, but I will be studying as well. I would also like to try writing some entries in Spanish (with English translations of course). Here's to hoping I have more time to write!

Two more days...

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    Rebecca gave CorinneCard's journal a Thai wai Thu Aug 16, 2012
    do thaiwai
    Have so much fun dear girl! I am going to miss you a TON this quarter but I'm so excited to see what Jesus will teach you while you're down there!! Keep us posted!!! <3 <3 <3