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  • 35 years old
  • From Minnesota, United States
  • Currently in Minnesota, United States


Class assignment to write different types of letter to the teachers explaining who we are what what got us interested to travel to Scotland.

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United States Minnesota, United States  |  May 04, 2010
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 Time at Augsburg coming to a close 

Colin and Phil,

My name is Michael Buller.  We are meeting a transitional point in my life.  I transferred to Augsburg College in the fall of 2007 with the intension of acquiring a degree in Business Administration.  Reality set in when my interest in church, religion and God were receiving more attention than my business classes.  In November 2008 my major became Religion with a Philosophy minor. 

On May 1st I graduated with the senior class of 2010.  It was a day filled with complex emotions, patient waiting, face paced transitions, family, pictures, and drawn out fair wells.  Yet here I am preparing for my next class, not much time for a break.  This says a great deal of what type of person I am.  I like to keep the engine going.  I see this trip to Scotland as an opportunity to explore with intention.  Instead of just taking in the sights and sounds, I will be digesting what I absorb, with the intention of constructing a story.

Currently my plan is to continue my education at Luther Seminary for my Masters in Divinity.  I am still discerning my vocational calling but I see leading a congregation as a challenge and alluring.  I intend on working towards a doctorate but I am in no hurry to get to that point.  These classes, where history and creative non-fiction unite, already after the first day have challenged me.  I need to become a better writer but school and teacher’s deadlines have been my motivator.  Dedicating a time every day to just to write never even crossed my mind.

I desire to bring home from this adventure are life long memories.  But more than that I hope to tap into the depth of my own creativity and begin to produce works that truly replicate the complexity of my intellect.  I am excited to witness and experience Scotland.



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