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  • From Virginia, United States
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Bengaluru, 2012-2013

Currently in the midst of my 9-month journey into the world of India. I'm studying with the USAC program (in correlation with Christ University) on a FEA scholarship.

3 more weeks...

United States Virginia, United States  |  Aug 04, 2012
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 I'm at the apex of the rollar coaster, the calm before the storm. 

As the time (3 more weeks!) narrows down to the date of my departure, it feels less and less real. How can I imagine a life I've never known? Since I began planning nearly a year ago, the climax has been building, I've reviewed every situation I can think of, countless times, rerunning scenarios, imagining friends I haven't met, thinking of everything from the morbid (what if my plane crashes on my flight there? Or worse, on my flight back? What if I get into a dumb car accident and flown home?) to the exhilarating (Himalayas! Elephants! Jungles! Trekking! Couchsurfing! INDIA!). Yet, with these situations, I can only barely grasp such now abstract concepts, without contextual information, I know nothing about my future life.

The excitement is building, the trip is upcoming, my mind is racing and I am found at the apex of the roller coaster, in the calm before the storm.

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