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What are the ethnic foods that you eat on a normal basis?


  • From Wisconsin, United States
  • Currently in Salzburg, Austria

Austrian Adventure

I'm spending my Fall 2011 semester in Salzbug, Austria and I can't wait to share my adventures!


United States Wisconsin, United States  |  Aug 08, 2011
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 Once upon a time, a princess prepared for her Austrian adventure... 

Once upon a time, there was a princess. And this princess wanted more than anything to travel around the world and sing. The princess, much to her parents' dismay (then gradual acceptance and support) would do ridiculous things for her music. Like sneaking into the royal chapel in the middle of the night to compose music on the pipe organ. Or skipping her political theory lessons and slipping down to the marketplace to watch the street performers. At night she made sure the cellars were empty, then sang arias at the top of her lungs, savoring the resonance of her voice against the arched caverns.

One day, the princess' land was conquered by a rival kingdom. The night her castle was taken, the Princess had fallen asleep behind the pipe organ. Upon waking and realizing that a new regime was in charge, the princess decided to buy passage on a ship. Across the sea, there was a land where music was valued above all things. The princess decided to seek her fortune there, but she had no money.

So the princess worked as a scullery maid by day, scrubbing at pans until her fingers were rubbed raw. She was often scolded by the evil fairy who ran the kitchens, which only made the princess even more inept at her tasks. The Princess burned food as often as she burned her fingers in the boiling dishwater.

Finally, on the last day of that summer, the princess realized she had just enough money for her fare. The princess boarded the final ship to cross the ocean before winter. And so, her adventures began...

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