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  • From North Carolina, United States
  • Currently in Montevideo, Uruguay


A recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (May 2011), I've come to Montevideo in search of my path in life. This will be part work focused with my internship, part adventure focused with my exploration of Uruguay.

Espanglish and Portuñol

Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay  |  Sep 14, 2011
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 A mate cup, a thermos, and a soccer ball - three essentials in the lives of most Montevideans 

Living on Joaquín de Salterain near Parque Rodo above/behind the Spanish school, La Herradura.  My other housemates include a German girl, another girl from the US, and a woman from Brazil.  Together we speak a mix of Espanglish and Portuñol.  

The picture with the chairs is from a day when some of us walked down to La Rambla.  Although it's still pretty chilly here, some people, like the family who set up these chairs, have begun to emerge from their apartments to enjoy the somewhat warmer weather.  (Apparently it was a cold winter here.)  Between the chairs you may notice a mate cup, a thermos, and a soccer ball - three essentials in the lives of most Montevideans.  

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