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  • 20 years old
  • From Edmonton, Canada
  • Currently in Edmonton, Canada

Send Kesik to Australia for the oppurtuinity of a lifetime!

Articles from Canada Canada | Nov 07, 2017

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I live in a small town called Gibbons, population 3,159 just outside of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. so, you know life here does not get to crazy, or over the top with under 4000 people, and only about 5% of those people are your age. you are surrounded by the same people everyday and every night. so, me and my best friend Brooke are looking to make a big change and add a little excitement to our lives. we will be moving to Australia for 1 full year. to an area called gold coast, population 638,100(since 2016).

I am planning on getting a desk job to pay for my one year of living there, or maybe even working in a restaurant. anything to pay the bills to experience this life changing event.

Here in Edmonton Alberta I have applied for 100s of front desk jobs, and no one would ever reply to me. if I were to get an office job in Australia it would help spark up my resume a lot and I know id be able to come home and get that dream office job I always wanted!

while I am in Australia I will be starting a blog about all my traveling experience, all the problems I will overcome moving to a new country on my own and just about being 20 and having fun. if you are the type of person to help a young girl like myself, presume her dreams of living an adventurous life I have added the link to my FUNDMYTRAVEL campaign, it would help me so much to pay off this program fee that way I can afford a house and food as soon as I get to Australia.

for every person who donates I will be sending out postcards with a thank you note once I get to Australia or little keychains type things.

help me experience a once in a life time event!

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