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Why A Holiday Is Good for You

Articles from Australia Sydney, Australia | Nov 29, 2017

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  Talking about all the benefits a holiday provides.  

Between work, family, friends and the host of other responsibilities week to week, taking a holiday can seem like a luxury many of us can’t afford. We dream of a beach escape, we continually get stressed, but many times, we don’t do anything about it. Put your head down and keep grinding is the popular mentality.

However, there are proven benefits of taking that holiday. Here’s why:

Stress Reduction

Holidays are great for reducing stress. The American Psychological Association found that by removing yourself from the environment where stress stems from will reduce stress.

A holiday lowers the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which high levels of can lead to stress, exhaustion and even depression. Going somewhere that removes you from the reminders of stress and responsibility can help immensely.

The Ocean

Going to the beach is a classic holiday activity. It’s also extremely beneficial to our health. For one, salt water draws out toxins from the body, and sand is an exfoliate, combined this will leave you feeling refreshed, clean and rejuvenated.

The sounds and motion of the ocean have positive effects on our mind and body helping us to relax and connect with nature. Something we struggle with our screen heavy lives. The perfect holiday revolving around the ocean could be a cruise. Cruise operators like P&O offer cruises to various destinations and lengths.

Vitamin D           

While by now we are all aware of how dangerous the sun can be, but sunlight also carries benefits. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is thought to be triggered by a lack of sunlight. A holiday usually involves sun, so there’s a good chance it can alleviate symptoms related to SAD.

Vitamin D, which we can get from the sun is also proven to strengthen the immune system and used by the body to bind calcium to bones, promoting bone strength.

Better Sleep

There’s no doubt that the responsibilities at work and home can lead to sleep deprivation. Not sleeping enough puts you at risk of illness, poor mental performance and can even mean premature ageing.

A vacation gives you the perfect chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Holidays break the habits of your usual life, giving you a greater chance of resetting your sleep cycle. Sleep is imperative to a healthy lifestyle as it promotes energy restoration as well as repair and renewal of the body’s cells.

Improved productivity

While we’re at work, our brains are constantly in fifth gear to try and get as much done as possible. The problem is this eventually wears us out and we’re simply not as productive as we can be.

The great thing about this is that even after your holiday, you can reap the benefits. Returning to work after a holiday will leave you feeling recharged and ready to get back to work at full pace.

Good vibes

Holidays just make us happy, and being happy is one of the most important things in life. Holiday memories can be drawn on later in life when one needs to relax and need an endorphin boost. Endorphins boost our immune system and fight depression.

A holiday can also instil hope in those with chronic diseases, a study in the International Journal of Tourism Research shows. Essentially, cancer sufferers who have more hope, or in this case travel more, have significantly less disease progression over time.

It’s time to stop feeling bad about taking time off work. Many of us don’t use even half of our holiday leave because we feel guilty or simply don’t feel like we can forget about our responsibilities. However, a holiday can be great for productivity, your health and mental state. So, what are you waiting for, book your trip!

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