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Chinese culture

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WOW Philippines!

Tara na biyahe tayo!

Trips to some of the beautiful cities in the country =)

Rafaels Farm

Philippines Babatngon, Philippines  |  Aug 22, 2008
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My boyfriend and I decided to eat in Rafael's Farm. I've already heard from my friends that Rafael's Farm serve delicious food! I jokingly asked my mom if they wanted to come with us. Hehe.. And just like that, they all dressed up to come with us! lol

Rafael's Farm is located in Babatngon, Leyte. I had no idea what the place looked like so after a 30-minute drive there, whoa, I was really surprised! It was so serene.. so beautiful! =)

While waiting for our food to be served, we looked around the place. Everywhere I looked, I couldn't help but be awed!

And so the food came, they were indeed yummy! =P It didn't take long for us to finish our food because it was really delicious. So, after eating we explored the farm even more. My sisters and I climbed their tree house. Then, we borrowed their boat to canoe in there man-made pond. At first, we didn't know how to make the boat move. We already tried Kayak so we thought that it will be so easy. But then, the paddle was heavier, and the concept of paddling was a little different. We were all laughing, while my little sister Chloe was already scared that we might fall. Hehe.. Finally, we were able to figure out how to make it move. =)

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