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The appropriate way to enter a temple

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Study Abroad In England and Scotland

I will be describing how I feel and daily events that take place while situated in the UK. I will first start with Ormskirk and Edge Hill, and the go on to London and Scotland.

My New Favorite Pastime: Walking

United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom  |  Jun 03, 2008
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 Ebenezer is seen as the epitome of the Anti-Scotsman. 

Getting to class today was an adventure. It was in a different part of a building that we weren't very familiar with, but eventually we ended up finding the right room. But even the cleaning lady was confused as to which room we were supposed to be in.
In the British Cultural Identities class today we discussed the impact of King Henry VIII and his successors. King Henry VIII had many wives, the reason for this really was not to sleep around legally, it was to produce a male heir. He ended up having three children: Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. I also learned that King Henry VIII had syphilis and this is why he had such trouble making a male heir. After King Henry VIII's death Edward took over but died at the age of sixteen. Mary became queen after this and ruled for five to seven years, was nicknamed Bloody Mary, but had nothing to do with the bloodshed done in her name. Queen Elizabeth I ruled after Queen Mary and was the longest ruling absolute monarch. She was also the only one not affected by her father's syphilis. Queen Elizabeth also refused to marry anyone so that way she could have absolute power, she would lead on the suitors until the last possible moment and then withdraw from the offer. When King Henry VIII split from the Catholic Church, it allowed room for so many more splinter groups, this sent a ripple effect through the country.
In British Writers of the North, we talked about Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the many themes involved in it. We compared the Highlanders who were: rural, isolated, clannish, Roman Catholic, and farmers; to the Lowlanders who were: political, cosmopolitan, Presbyterian, judgmental, and Calvinistic. Lowlanders saw Highlanders as barbaric and the Highlanders saw the Lowlanders as moralistic prigs. The book starts out with your basic coming-of-age story and man's battle with nature and how he survives in it. Stevenson takes David, the main character, and sticks him in physically, emotionally, and psychologically difficult situations. David and Alan are seen as flip sides of the same coin, and towards the end of the book have taken on some of the qualities of the other making them more well-rounded people. This book is full of different archetypes of people, for example Ebenezer Balfour, David's uncle, is the basic miser, scrooge, unproductive, terrible person, who is according to the Scots worthless because he lies and cheats, which are not the Scottish way. Ebenezer is seen as the epitome of the Anti-Scotsman. I really enjoyed the book and found the discussion very lively and interesting.
After these discussions, we went to lunch and sat and chatted with Dr. H, Dick, Kevin, and the others. I gave Kevin directions on how to get to the room he was supposed to be in, since I found it very confusing when I was trying to get there with Emily. After chatting some more in the Terrace Cafe, we headed back to the dormitories.
I talked to Matthew for a little while on the computer and then read some more Rob Roy. I decided that I was going to on a walk. I plugged into my world of my iPod, and went for an hour long walk around the campus. Just thinking and listening to music. After I came back, I ended up reading some more Rob Roy, which is actually very interesting. I haven't gotten very far yet though.
Tori, Emily and I went to grab dinner to go. Tori and I got sandwiches from the Terrace, while Emily wanted fries and a burger from the Diner. We came back to the common room to eat our food. We ended up watching about three episodes of Scrubs together. I really like Scrubs, it's really deep and really funny at the same time. Afterwards, I went back to my room to chat with Matthew some more.
After some time I took a shower. I took a very long shower and it felt wonderful. I decided that I needed to get away for a while afterwards, so Kevin and I walked around campus just talking. I really enjoyed our chat and had lots of fun talking with him.
We came back to his common room and hung out with Andrew and Lauren in Andrew's room. We ended up watching this movie called Timber Falls. This movie was absolutely terrible! This movie was trying to be a horror flick, but it was so terribly done that it was funny at parts, and scary at others. But most of the time, you were just thinking "what in the world are these people thinking?" It was the strangest movie ever. I don't think it was ever popular in the States. If you get a chance, I do not recommends you see it.
After the movie, I came back to my room and got ready for bed. I talked to Matthew online, but ended up falling asleep shortly thereafter. I was really tired, but very excited for our day trip to Liverpool tomorrow, and the fact that I would get to sleep in tomorrow. :)

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