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Surviving the tsunami in December 2004 in Phuket, Thailand

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Study Abroad In England and Scotland

I will be describing how I feel and daily events that take place while situated in the UK. I will first start with Ormskirk and Edge Hill, and the go on to London and Scotland.

The Long and Winding Road

United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom  |  May 21, 2008
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 Today started off with....classes!

Today started off with....classes! I woke up, got dressed, got ready to go to class, ate a breakfast granola bar and brushed my teeth. At class we discussed the readings that we had been doing. Especially The Nine Tailors and the William Wordsworth poem that we read. After classes we went to lunch and had some food in the Terrace Cafe.

I wasn't feeling so great after lunch so I decided that I would rest for a little while and try to accomplish some homework, instead of going to Liverpool like Tori, Emily, and I had planned on. My hip hurt today so I really wasn't up to walking around Liverpool. I ended up taking a four hour nap. I was really tired.

After my nap I did homework and talked on the computer to people in the States. I basically did that for the rest of the night. Today wasn't a very eventful day.

I did enjoy the poem by Wordsworth, it wasn't about what most poets write about. It was about a young girl who stated that there were seven siblings in her family, even though two were dead. She didn't see them as gone, there just weren't physically there. The other person in the poem tried to convince her otherwise, but she would not be swayed. I found it very interesting that Wordsworth would write about this. Most poets at the time were writing about nature or other majestic things, not common people. It is a very hopeful poem, and I rather enjoyed it.

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