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Berthoud Pass and Winter Park

United States Colorado, United States  |  Jun 23, 2007
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Day 2

The next day we went to Berthoud Pass and Winter Park. You may want to check out one of my earlier journals for photos and entries (if i put one) for this. Berthoud Pass is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. The pass is located west of Denver, and provides a high route between upper Clear Creek Canyon to the upper valley of the Fraser River in Middle Park to the north. The pass sits at the continental divide in Front Range, on the border between Clear Creek County and Grand County. The pass is named for Edward L. Berthoud, the chief surveyor of the Colorado Central Railroad during the 1870s.

Winter Park is a nice community. Based on the net, it is 7.5 square miles with 662 full time residents calling it home. Winter Park is elevated at 9,000 feet and prizes itself for its high-alpine climate. Incorporated in 1979, the Town of Winter Park is located 67 miles northwest of Denver.
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