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What is the most interesting culture you've experienced?

Observing a Korean cultural parade in the middle of the main lobby of the Incheon International Airport during my transfer flight back to the States.

  • 28 years old
  • From Illinois, United States
  • Currently in Chengdu, China



Eda Xian - "Journey"
5 Years ago


Flow Cytometry
5 Years ago

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I will be sharing tidbits of the fundamental theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine one journal e...

Sharing Chinese perspective to nourishing and preserving the youth of women.

Travel to Jiuzhaigou, China's most beautiful scenic park Chengdu Chongqing

This journal records the principles, procedures and daily happenings of my training in Dr. Shen's n...

Thoughts of my second semester at the University of Hong Kong. My goal of study abroad is to lear...

Five day tour around Taiwan. Follow me on a journey around Taiwan: Taipei, Hualien, Kaohsiung

  • Kaohsiung

    Kaohsiung, Taiwan   | Wed May 22, 2013

    9 Photos

This journal is a record of the lab procedures learned and daily happenings during my training in D...

In this journal entry, I will discuss the paperwork, visa process and checklist of things to bring ...

December 23, 2012 - January 8, 2013 Celebrating Christmas and New Years with foreign exchange fri...

Join me on my journey in Japan, the home of anime, futuristic electronics and bright neon shopping ...

First semester of studying abroad at the University of Hong Kong. As an exchange student of the Fac...

I will talk about its district, scenery and background.

Procedures, packing and documentation needed for departure to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

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  • Wrapping up the Semester with Group Presentation

    Thu Apr 04, 2013

    This past month has been hectic. The slang "chur" derived from university students would be absolutely suitable for my current situation.  Let's anticipate four remaining group presentations as well as two desertations by the end of April. This will mark the last milestone, concluding my stud…  Read More

  • Hong Kong Styled Breakfast

    Wed Mar 13, 2013

    A quick word about Hong Kong styled cuisine. When I first stepped off the Guangzhou train onto the platform of Hong Hom station in, I was surprised to find a heavily Western influenced city. English was found in every direction subbing behind Chinese directional signs. Secondly, I was shocked to fi…  Read More

  • Neurogenesis Lab

    Sun Mar 10, 2013

    For the past weeks, I have been working in Dr. Shen's lab to perform gel electrophoresis,  Western blot, replace growth mediums in cell culture and protein concentration determination tests. We have also had several group meetings in which the other members of the team discussion the progessio…  Read More

  • First Day of Second Semester

    Wed Jan 30, 2013

    Putting Chinese medicine and biology aside, I decided to sit in a class of "Understanding the Financial Crisis", a common core class offered at the University of Hong Kong. We discussed the occurrence of the Credit Crisis of 2007 and how the collapse of the American economy has jeopardized the heal…  Read More

  • The Year of the Snake

    Mon Feb 11, 2013

    Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the snake. The festive spirits of the new year celebration brings everyone outdoors. There are several flowers markets and decorations. The young return home to their family and eat a large New Years Eve dinner. The married and senior generations give the …  Read More

  • Volunteer Service

    Mon Oct 15, 2012

    What best entertains the elderly on the Mid-Autumn Festival? A Mid-Autumn Festival program! This year, I joined a Christian Church group in Shatin to pass out mooncakes, photograph the show and to entertain the seniors in a senior day care. The program was filled with oriental music, aerobic exerc…  Read More

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Tue Oct 02, 2012

    ?????? Mid-Autumn Festival was September 30, 2012. My family friends and I went to the Repulse Bay to view the full moon. The rowdy atmosphere beach was filled with the laughter and play of young teenagers from international schools. People stuck glowsticks into the sand and lit candles as substit…  Read More

  • Guangzhou

    Fri Aug 31, 2012

    I am staying in Guangzhou for the week before moving to the University of Hong Kong. The people of Guangzhou and Hong Kong speak Cantonese, and have the most similar cultures. Today, I went shopping down the “???” ??? and bought two dresses. Bargaining and haggling are reserved for the …  Read More

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Travelled to 5 countries

China, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan