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  • Home Again

    Travel Journal from United States Missouri, United States | Tue Jun 01, 2010

    Well, I'm home. Tired, jet-lagged, and have a cold, but I'm home again! It feels like I've been gone for ages. The flight from Amman to Chicago is supposed to be twelve hours, but it ended up being thirteen and a half hors for us. It was The Flight That Never Ends! About four hours in when we were already restless, Bethany and I masde up our own version of "The …

    Healing Hearts in Israel

  • Living in Barcelona

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Sun Nov 16, 2008

    Sometimes it hits me unexpectedly. I could be riding the metro in the morning on my way to school, maybe making my way through some obscure streets in Born after an evening out with a group of friends, or even just while going for a walk with Blanca - I’m living in Barcelona. Yeah, sounds simple enough right? I mean, afterall, that’s one of the original things that appealed to …

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Time flies!

    Travel Journal from United States Indiana, United States | Sun Nov 16, 2008

    Time is flying… and I can’t believe it has been already 4 weeks since my arrival to the United States coming from Mexico this summer. I feel like I have been living here for a longer time than that. My life has been going to every direction, including friendships, activities, the daily routine, etc. I’m actually even more involved than I planned to be at the beginning of this …

    Studying in the United States

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