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ProWorld offers 1 to 26-week volunteer, intern and study abroad experiences in Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, and Thailand. Since our founding in 1998, we have focused on developing relationships with communities throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa; building trust and understanding between ourselves and our hosts. Ensured of this strong foundation, our first program began in May of 2000. Since then, hundreds of students and volunteers have joined our programs to perform service projects, internships, and semester programs throughout Peru, Belize, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Thailand and India. While our projects often have modest beginnings, they are remarkably successful, thorough, and perhaps most importantly, all are chosen based on communities' assessments of their own needs. In the spirit of collaboration and mutual learning, we will continue to unite our volunteers our host communities. We believe there is much we can learn from each other and much we can accomplish together.

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  • My Last night in Ghana!

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Sat Nov 17, 2012

    This will be my last post from my trip.  It has not hit me yet that this experience is almost over.  I have done so many awesome things in the last 3 weeks and have met some truly amazing people.  I had my last week with the school this week.  I spent time in many different teachers’ rooms this week.  I was really attached to my class so I didn’t …

    My Ghana Experience

  • A global experience.

    Travel Journal from United States Ohio, United States | Tue Mar 26, 2013

    Today, I was scrolling throught my news feed on Facebook when I notice a posting by the page of Peru, promoting the video "MOVE," a one minute film showing snapshots of many different countries. So, of course, I click on the video to watch and instantly fall in love. The filmmakers also have two more called "LEARN" and "EAT" with a similar theme of quick snapshots of all the different …

    This is an experience of a lifetime.

  • Happy Independence Day Ghana!!

    Travel Journal from Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana | Fri Mar 08, 2013

    I can still remember reading countless ProWorld Ghana volunteer blogs before my departure…just trying to get some kind of glimpse at what the next few months of my life would be like…attempting to understand the daily life I would soon take part in… Now I’ve been in Ghana for almost two months…and the reality of living here is so far from anything I could have ever imagined: neither in …

    Ghana Adventures

  • March 2nd- Update!

    Travel Journal from Peru Urubamba, Peru | Sat Mar 02, 2013

    I realized a few days ago that I hadn´t written in a while, and why that was- I was waiting for something to happen to write about, something big and worthwhile, like my trip to Lake Titicaca or Carnaval, even though small, amazing things happen every day. Then I thought about since I only write about ¨special things,¨ that means that I haven´t told you yet about my day to …

    Leaving the Nest- Destination, Peru!

  • First few days

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Puyo, Ecuador | Thu Feb 07, 2013

    I landed in Quito and was picked up by my ProWorld rep. I actually did not know that I would be spending the first weekend in Quito before heading to the jungle. I had a lot of fun touring the city, learning some history, tasting local foods, and sight seeing around the Equator (a lot of fun!) and a community project. I met some people from all different programs, was …

    Yana Cocha near Puyo, Ecuador

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