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IEP is a study abroad program open to all university students, from incoming freshmen to seniors and graduate students. Affordable and immersive study, volunteer, service-learning and internship programs are offered in nearly 20 countries and more than 30 diverse locations throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. IEP academic and internship/volunteer programs offer experiences for a wide variety of majors. Ask us how you can go abroad while fulfilling major requirements and gaining invaluable experience.experiences.


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  • Going to Spain!

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Sat Jun 26, 2010

    Today was my last day in Ireland and I’ll be heading off to Spain this afternoon!  I’m so excited for Barcelona!  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and become fluent in the language.  It’s so exciting and different from everything I’ve done so far.  It will definitely be a change!             We got to sleep in, which was really nice.   We then headed out to take a …

    Study Abroad 2010

  • Day 1...I think

    Travel Journal from New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand | Thu Jun 03, 2010

    So it's finally my first day in New Zealand, but I'm still not sure what to call it.  Is it day 1/day 2/day 3?  I left early on the June 1st from Pennsylvania and it's now June 3rd in New Zealand...what do I do?  It still feels like the first day because let's face it, no one really sleeps on the plane, therefore nothing really indicates that it is in …

    Welcome to New Zealand

  • First Week

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Thu Jun 10, 2010

    I just finished my first week at my internship.  Thankfully, the first week was not very demanding. I worked from about 10-1 every day at the law offices of Clau Legal (Clau is a Catalan word.  It is the same as "llave" in Spanish or "key" in English).  It's a small office with one lawyer, Adriana, and her assistant, Fatima.  The lawyer is very much like a professor and so far …

    Barcelona Summer 2010

  • ROME

    Travel Journal from Italy Rome, Italy | Wed Jun 09, 2010

    MAY 27th-30TH. After staying an hr in the wrong baggage claim, I finally retrieved my luggage and took off in a cab with my prof, to out hotel. We stayed in Rome 3 days-depending when you got there. Touring Rome, we visisted the Colessium, Pantheon, Ancient Rome with Ruins--it was wonderful and an INCREDIBLE photography experience. But for only three days, I can only write so much. Our third day, we took a …

    Arrival in Rome

  • Getting Ready for Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom | Fri May 28, 2010

                Today is just one of those slow days and the weather really can’t make up its mind.  In class, Dr H let us all catch up on our readings for L’morte D’arthur and luckily these stories are some of my favorites, so I had finished them up Wednesday after class.  Dr H then gave us the opportunity to decide if we wanted to watch a …

    Running Around the United Kingdom

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