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GIVE is an international volunteer organization offering volunteer excursions that combine groundbreaking development projects with cultural immersion and adventures abroad, for a unique and meaningful volunteer experience. GIVE aims to improve lives through building essential community infrastructure, implementing environmental solutions, and integrating sustainable development. GIVE provides unique cultural encounters to cultivate personal growth and development, creating an unparalleled experience while transforming both our volunteers and host communities, one trip at a time.

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  • Being a medical volunteer in Buenos Aires

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Fri May 15, 2015

    Prashanth, Sam, Patrick, and Alex, are four Australian medical center volunteers who account the ups and downs they experienced during their time in Buenos Aires. They shared their insight on topics such as, the professional impact of their decision to come here, some obstacles they came across in placement, observations about the industry, and advice for future volunteers.  Language Barrier The presence of a language barrier is the most common apprehension about coming to Buenos Aires. Prashanth explained how the language barrier …

    Volunteering Experiences in Argentina

  • Sustainable Development Volunteering

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Fri May 15, 2015

    THE IDEA BEHIND THE PROJECT At the moment, "la huerta" [the garden] is still mainly a building site with a small garden located in Pacheco, north of Buenos Aires. However, there are big plans for the future. The idea is to create a garden for young people to spend time in, learn new things and be involved in a community. There are two villas [= poor neighbourhoods] about 10quaters away. Youngsters from those areas …

    Volunteer Tips for volunteering in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • SU Lavandería - A part of my life

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Thu Feb 27, 2014

    SU Lavandería is a student-run, co-operative company founded by Voluntario Global five years ago. The launderette, originally being a project set up by Voluntario Global, has established itself as an independent service provider to local hotels and hostels that are part of the Responsible Tourism Network. It is important for Voluntario Global that this project gives more to young people than just financial help. Currently, there are nine young people working at SU …

    What is happening in Buenos Aires?

  • The Benefits of not Speaking the Local Language when Volunteering Abroad

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Wed Aug 21, 2013

    With over five hundred million speakers worldwide, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin and English. As the world becomes an increasingly interconnected place, knowledge of a second language is quite commonplace. Many students around the world are interested in improving their language skills through immersion. Because of this desire to achieve fluency, volunteering abroad has been an attractive proposition for adventurous young people around …

    Teaching Project in Xalapa, Mexico

  • Volunteer Testimonial

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Wed Mar 12, 2014

    Have a look at our latest Volunteers testimonial from Benjamin Rolff! Ben talks about his time spent with the VG communications team. Video is in German with English subtitles.

    Volunteer Experiences

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