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  • Hoy Hoy

    Travel Journal from France Avignon, France | Wed Aug 15, 2012

    Hiya, This is my first entry since arriving in Avignon excactly three weeks ago today. I'm not the best blogger, in fact, I do not blog.I will just let my pictures do the talking! All I will say is that it has been fantastic so far and I do not regret for one second doing this programme. My host has been great and I have done so much and have been so …

    Hiya from Avignon

  • First three weeks in Spain.

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Sat Jul 21, 2012

    Leaving home to come to Spain became a little more complicated when my Mother died unexpectedly two weeks before my departure. I was determined to carry on as I know that is what Mum would have wanted, I arrived at the airport in Madrid earlier than scheduled and wondered how I would recognize my new family, as although we had emailed and texted, photos had not been exchanged. I was going …

    actions and impressions.

  • The First Month

    Travel Journal from Thailand Bangkok, Thailand | Tue Jul 03, 2012

    So I have just wrapped up my first month in Thailand and I can tell from what I have experienced in these first four weeks tells me that this is going to be one of the most amazing years of my life! The journey began when I boarded the plane in Florida and continued 28 hours later when I landed in Bangkok the next day at 11:30 pm (the journey …

    The Journey So Far...

  • Poissons

    Travel Journal from France Saint-Malo, France | Tue Jun 19, 2012

    Today I went fishing on the ocean with Pierre and grandpa. It was my first time fishing on the ocean and it was about 1000x easier than any other fishing trip I’ve ever done. We literally were pulling fish in 5 at a time until we had 58 fish. 58 mackerel, 12 of which we we had for dinner tonight. There were grilled with seasoning, lemon, onion, and mustard in tinfoil. Fun …

    Conversation Corps France

  • My arrival

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Thu Jun 21, 2012

    OK, So I arrived on Sunday and it’s now Thursday. I’ve had a few days to get my bearings and start to settle in for life here. At the moment 6 weeks is sounding a very long time! They say it takes a couple of weeks to settle in and I can believe that as it all feels a little alien so far.  My family are lovely, although differences between …

    English Tutor in Madrid

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    Conversation Programs

    What is the difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner?

    Topic The difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner

    Started by RandyLeGrant, 0 Reply

    GeoVisions has two types of Conversation Programs. They are Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner. What is the difference?

    Basically, Conversation Corps is where you go abroad and live with a family and tutor that family in conversational English. You live with the family and become, for a short time, a member of that family. You eat your meals with the family and do some social activities with them.

    A Conversation Partner is a tutor OUTSIDE and AWAY from the home. You do NOT tutor a family in conversational English, although you may live with a family. You are a conversation partner to a group of people. GeoVisions has Conversation Partners tutoring the Tourist Police in Costa Rica, tour guides in Ecuador and national park staff in Brazil. So you might live with a family as a boarder, but it really isn't going to be a real family feel. You may in fact live in a dorm, a hostel or small hotel. It all depends on the country, the assignment and time of year.

    So choosing Conversation Corps or Conversation Partner involves whether or not you want to become a part of a family and tutor them in conversational English or if you want to be more independent and teach outside your place of accommodation in "on the job" kind of "real life" situations. The choice is totally yours.

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