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Alternative Spring Break in Ecuador

About us:
Want to do something different for spring break this year? Why not fly to Ecuador with other college students and earn U.S. credit while volunteering and experiencing what this South American country has ...

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  • My love letter to Belize

    Travel Journal from Belize San Ignacio, Belize | Tue Apr 13, 2010

    † Well Belize, you did it again and stole my heart once more.  There is something about your country that resonates with me – that fills my soul and makes me happy.  This was my third time being back, and I really feel like I got a good grasp on what this country has to offer and was able to dig in deeper to all of the guts and glory that lies …

    My love letter to Belize

  • In attempts to become somewhat less Norwegian, and a little bit more Mexican....

    Travel Journal from Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico | Fri Dec 18, 2009

    ….I have dyed my hair brown and have officially moved to Oaxaca. I’m here. And it is wonderful. Oaxaca is beautiful and is a delight for the senses - I am surrounded by lush mountains, gorgeous flowers that overhang cobblestone streets, barking dogs, brightly colored houses, fabulous music and delicious food. The food here is so good and healthy - it is by far the healthiest …

    In attempts to become somewhat less Norwegian, and a little bit more Mexican....

  • The final day and our early ass flight

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador | Sun Mar 23, 2008

    As we awoke in Cuenca all i'm sure with massive headaches, we had a quick breakfast and then it was back on the buses. We were taken to an area of town were we could again shop for gifts. It was jewelry town just outside of Cuenca. After shopping we were taken to a location for lunch which turned out to be one of the best meals we had the …

    Ecuador "My final collegiate trip"

  • Day 8

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Ecuador | Sun Mar 23, 2008

    We were all downstairs with out baggage at 6:30 for the bus we got to the airport got everything situated nicely and then sat around and waited for the plane. We talked about everything wed dnoe and how we felt about how we contributed to these childrens lives and how in the end it had affected us.. This was a great experience for everyone. we made it to miami at …



    Travel Journal from Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador | Sun Mar 23, 2008

    Journal of Ecuador3/15/08Today is the first full day in Guayaquil and it was full of things to do. After waking from 5 hour of sleep, my new friends Amelia, Brennan and Daniel went to a karaoke bar in the basement of the hotel and didn’t get home until 3; we had breakfast which wasn’t too bad. After that we went for a tour of Malecon and the surrounding area. This …

    Journal of Ecuador

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