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Alternative Spring Break in Ecuador

About us:
Want to do something different for spring break this year? Why not fly to Ecuador with other college students and earn U.S. credit while volunteering and experiencing what this South American country has ...

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    Travel Journal from United States Florida, United States | Tue Mar 25, 2008

    Finally home at 11p. After an early flight and a LONG bus ride filled with whiny people it was overall a successful journey and adventure. I met some amazingly wonderful friends that will be apart of my life. "The Posse" will always be and I hope to go back to Ecuador with these people one day. However, I believe we could go without the "rich one" and maybe spend an …

    Second Trip to Ecuador

  • Saturday March 22, 2008

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador | Sun Mar 23, 2008

    We leave today, crazy how fast it seemed to go. Woke up and made our way downstairs by 6:30am. We boarded the bus and began a long day travel, probably the worst day of the trip. Went to the airport, checked it, and made the four hour flight. It was bittersweet as we landed as I was ready to reach American soil. As happy as we may have been to …

    My Trip to Ecuador

  • Journal 9: Heading Home!

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador | Mon Mar 24, 2008

    Final heading back to home. I did like the city, but only to an extent. I missed the American standards way to much. Also, the speaking of Spanish was not for me, and wanted to hear English again. But it was great to see another way of life other than my own. I will never forget this trip, I will never forget my friends I made, and I’ll never forget …

    The World of Ecuador

  • Friday, March 21

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador | Mon Mar 24, 2008

    We left the hotel this morning back to Guayaquil, with a few scheduled stops along the way. We stopped in an area where the water was a high sifting spot for gold, thus the area had multiple jewelry shops. It was a square of stores, with a small, but beautiful garden in the center of it. When we left that stop, we had lunch at a friendly place about 30 …

    Spring Break Ecuador 2008

  • Community Service

    Travel Journal from United States Florida, United States | Thu Mar 13, 2008

    I have been a member of clubs and organizations throughout my life. Through these activities I have done numerous community service projects. They range anything from clothing and food drives to pulling weeds at the local fairgrounds. The most touching was volunteering at a retirement home. I actually got to see how I impacted other indivuals lives. I think it is important for all individuals to do community service sometime throughout …

    Community Service

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