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This group is open to all GeoVisions volunteers participating in a program in Italy. Currently, there are five programs offered in Italy; Conversation Corps, Conversation Partner, Summer Camp in Macerata, ...

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  • T-minus 4 Days!

    Travel Journal from Canada London, Canada | Thu Apr 19, 2012

    I am only a few days away from leaving! I just got home from school last night, and now the important packing and planning begins! I fly out this monday, I am getting very excited, and I cannot wait until I am on the plane headed to Italia! Hope to be writing more journal entries soon!

    T-minus 4 Days!

  • My Southern Adventure

    Travel Journal from Italy Milano, Italy | Thu Aug 11, 2011

    After the flight was delayed for more than 9 hours at the airport in Milan, by the time I arrived at Reggio di Calabria there was nothing left to do but sleep!  We spent the next couple of days going to Bova Marina where Riccardo’s (my tutee) grandmother stayed.  It really was an amazing beach with the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen.  Though I somewhat promised myself not to …

    Living in Italy

  • A Gem of an english lesson

    Travel Journal from Italy Ancona, Italy | Thu Aug 04, 2011

    For teaching english lessons as part of my volunteer duties, sometimes I struggle finding appropriate material.  My students Mariella (my host mom) and Antonio (her 14 year old son) know a lot of english already, but while we're conversating communication is still difficult!  I still have to speak slowly and enuniciate every single word while they listen carefully, then they respond slowly and carefully to my comments or questions.  As I have …

    My Italian Adventure 2011

  • I am totally buying a vespa when I get home.

    Travel Journal from Italy Florence, Italy | Sat Jul 30, 2011

    I needed a day away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life so I decided to book a Vespa tour.  A group of us were picked up by the train station and driven to a ranch just outside of Florence in the Chianti wine region of Tuscany  There were about 15 girls and one guy on the tour.  Our day started with an orientation on how …

    Katie's Italian Adventure - 2011

  • The Wind Comes Right Behind The Rain?

    Travel Journal from United States Connecticut, United States | Sat Jul 02, 2011

    Why would I drag my family out to a place where it is an unbelievable 105 degrees each day, for summer vacation?  That is what this journal is all about.  Diamonds in the rough.  OOOOOOklahoma "where the wind comes sweeping down the plain."  Raised there also.  And so while I naturally want to see my family, I also want my wife and two younger kids to see where I grew …


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    • profagui1's Profile Pic
      pinned profagui1 replied to Possible Weekend Trips? 10 Months ago

      I was in the Porto Sant Elpidio location last summer and will be going again this summer, some good trips to make are Venice (5 hour train), Rome (3 hours), Milan (7 hours?), Sicily ... in Italy and even more crazy and way fun! Croatia! Its an overnight boat ride to Zagreb and its so much fun. I don't know about this time of year but I'm sure theres cool stuff to do.

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      pinned bethanymarie00 replied to Summer Camp Volunteer 1 Year ago

      Would anyone be interested in switching camps with me???

      I know this is last minute but i just found out the coordinator switched me out of Macerata to Porto without telling me and I really wanted to be in Macerata. PLEASE let me know ASAP if you would want to live at the beach location!!


      email me at

    • profagui1's Profile Pic
      pinned profagui1 replied to Trip to Paris 1 Year ago

      i was thinking about taking a trip to venice, we could take a train thats about 5 hours or a flight from rome. i was thinking the second or third weekend. i'm going on a mini euro trip after italy and paris is one of my stops so i dont think i would go during our program. but if anyone is down for venice let me know?