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This group is open to all GeoVisions volunteers participating in a program in Thailand. There are many programs offered in Thailand including Paid Teacher in Thailand, Conversation Partner, Conversation ...

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  • The Journey Begins "Flying Away From Home"

    Travel Journal from China Shanghai, China | Thu Oct 03, 2013

    I could feel my heart racing, my body shaking in ways I've never felt before. When we grow up were all put in situations that make us feel extremely nervous or maybe even anxious depending upon the situation.  All I know is I’ve never been so nervous in my life to the point where I could feel my heart beating through my chest while my body shook uncontrollably.  From the …

    Flying Away From Home

  • The Wind Comes Right Behind The Rain?

    Travel Journal from United States Connecticut, United States | Sat Jul 02, 2011

    Why would I drag my family out to a place where it is an unbelievable 105 degrees each day, for summer vacation?  That is what this journal is all about.  Diamonds in the rough.  OOOOOOklahoma "where the wind comes sweeping down the plain."  Raised there also.  And so while I naturally want to see my family, I also want my wife and two younger kids to see where I grew …