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Summer in England

About us:
Experience the real England on this four week, six credit summer study abroad program. Students learn about British culture at Edge Hill University both in and out of the classroom while living with British ...

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  • Day 44: ...Its Over (Dublin)

    Travel Journal from Ireland Dublin, Ireland | Sat Jun 26, 2010

    Tom started off the day with us by giving us a short coach tour of Dublin. We got to get out for a bit and see: the famine ship (whose name I don’t remember) which was the only ship to not lose any person on its way to America; the famine memorial (it was quite sad, a bunch of statues clearly starving who all had a haunted expression); a beautiful …

    British Isles 2010

  • Going to Spain!

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Sat Jun 26, 2010

    Today was my last day in Ireland and I’ll be heading off to Spain this afternoon!  I’m so excited for Barcelona!  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and become fluent in the language.  It’s so exciting and different from everything I’ve done so far.  It will definitely be a change!             We got to sleep in, which was really nice.   We then headed out to take a …

    Study Abroad 2010

  • Getting Ready for Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Ormskirk, United Kingdom | Fri May 28, 2010

                Today is just one of those slow days and the weather really can’t make up its mind.  In class, Dr H let us all catch up on our readings for L’morte D’arthur and luckily these stories are some of my favorites, so I had finished them up Wednesday after class.  Dr H then gave us the opportunity to decide if we wanted to watch a …

    Running Around the United Kingdom

  • Rufford Old Hall

    Travel Journal from England Ormskirk, England | Wed Jun 02, 2010

    Sunday night was my brothers last night in Liverpool, so Jocelyn and I went to meet up with him and George and Hannah and their friends from Liverpool Uni at the Cavern Club. The Cavern Club is where the Beatles used to perform before they were famous. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but it was still entirely cool to be hanging out in a place that is so important …

    Summer in the British Isles 2010

  • Bank Holiday Weekend

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom York, United Kingdom | Sun May 30, 2010

    This past weekend was Bank Holiday Weekend.  We traveled as a small group and used York as a base of operations.  We stayed at a wonderful B&B called the Warren's Guest House.  The staff was incredibly helpful and attentive; if we had a question the owner especially would stop what he was doing and try to find us an answer as quickly as possible.  On our …

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