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International Language Programs sends volunteers to China, Russia, Mexico and Ukraine to teach English to children.

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  • Puebla Day Trip a la Jason

    Travel Journal from Mexico Puebla, Mexico | Wed Jun 10, 2009

    This weekend we decided to head up to the capital, Puebla, to see some ruins, cathedrals, and of course do some shopping (that´s what happens when it is 14 girls and 1 guy). We rented out a tour bus and so it made it really nice because we had our own personal chauffeurs for the entire day. They were way cool and helped us get hooked up with all the goods …

    International Language Programs ILP

  • My Favorite Things To Do In Ukraine

    Travel Journal from Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine | Thu Aug 13, 2009

    My Favorite Things To Do In Ukraine *Swim in the Dnipro River! *Sing in the domed cathedrals *Eat the most amazing ice cream, “Morozhena” *Buy trinkets and unique jewelry from the “babushkas” aka grandmas on the sidewalks *Visit the amazing(!) historical sites like the Chernobyl museum, Babyn Yar (a monument and famous site of the holocaust), the WWII museum with the HUGE 10 story iron statue *Walk around the gorgeous gardens and monuments around Arsenalna metro …

    International Language Programs ILP

  • Teaching in Russia

    Travel Journal from Russia Moscow, Russia | Fri Jul 02, 2010

    One of my roommates came to Russia simply to have a break from school. She had no previous experience with kids, and she said she came to see how she meshed with “little people.” Throughout the semester, her reasons for being in Russia changed. I asked her one day if there was a specific time when it changed for her, and she told me a story about one of our …

    Teaching in Russia