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  • Homesickness, Historical Perspectives, Black History, & Easter At The Youth Center

    Travel journals and travel notes - Homesickness, Histori...

    Fri Apr 18, 2014 | London, United Kingdom Travel journals from United Kingdom

    This week has been a little harder. Home sickness has began to really set in. I miss my family and friends terribly. Thankfully, my partner has been sending me pictures and talking to me regularly and that has helped. It's strange being the outsider in a foreign place. Especially a place that seems so similar at first glance, but it is not the same, like stepping through the looking glass. …

  • 5 Things That Have Surpised me in China

    Travel journals and travel notes - 5 Things That Have Su...

    Thu Mar 13, 2014 | Shanghai, China Travel journals from China

    1. Pre-landing exercises? On my way to Xi'an last weekend, I took a cheap 2-hour flight with Spring AIrlines. Before landing, a man with a British accent came over the speakers and said,'Are you feeling tired? How about some pre-landing exercises?' Immediately the flight attendents fell into line in the aisle and started leading the entire plane in a sequence of head roles, wrist exercises, and leg massages. I could see …

  • SU Lavandería - A part of my life

    Travel journals and travel notes - SU Lavandería - A pa...

    Thu Feb 27, 2014 | Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel journals from Argentina

    SU Lavandería is a student-run, co-operative company founded by Voluntario Global five years ago. The launderette, originally being a project set up by Voluntario Global, has established itself as an independent service provider to local hotels and hostels that are part of the Responsible Tourism Network. It is important for Voluntario Global that this project gives more to young people than just financial help. Currently, there are nine young people working at SU …