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  • Tour of the City of Quito

    Travel journals and travel notes - Tour of the City of Q...

    Fri Aug 22, 2014 | Quito, Ecuador Travel journals from Ecuador

    My first week in Quito has been amazing and impossible to describe in one blog, but I will do my best. I’m living with a host family that has a lot of experience with international students from my university, and they welcomed me from the moment I arrived. A big part of Latin American culture is family, and although this is not knew to me, I am starting to get …

  • Excursion 1: Cajón del Maipo

    Travel journals and travel notes - Excursion 1: Cajón d...

    Thu Aug 21, 2014 | Chile Travel journals from Chile

    This past weekend my friends, Sofi and Haines, and I escaped from the city for some nature in Cajón del Maipo, an area southeast and just a couple hours outside of the capital, Santiago. This was my first long-ish distance trip, which made it even more exciting! With our bulky backpacks containing all of our camping supplies, we caught the 9AM bus to Santiago to then took an additional three …

  • Saying Goodbye to this wonderful campus

    Travel journals and travel notes - Saying Goodbye to thi...

    Tue Aug 5, 2014 | Legon, Ghana Travel journals from Ghana

    I have come to my last day here in Ghana, and one thing I will surely miss is this beautiful spacious campus located here in Legon. Coming from a commuter college that is situated in the heart of downtown Denver, I have come to enjoy and appreciate the serenity and open spaces that the University of Ghana campus has to offer. I will surely miss the walks around campus, which …