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  • Coming Up for Air, Part 1

    Travel journals and travel notes - Coming Up for Air, Pa...

    Sat Nov 1, 2014 | Riga, Latvia Travel journals from Latvia

    First, my apologies for the “radio silence” of late.  The last few weeks have been filled with travel, projects, and finals.  Instead of trying to write it all at once, I’ll split things up into 3 posts. This installment is about recent travel.  Members of the Red House Crew, (my housemates and I), sailed from Stockholm to Riga and back, for a look at what has been called the “cultural capital …

  • Excursion 5: Buenos Aires

    Travel journals and travel notes - Excursion 5: Buenos A...

    Sun Nov 16, 2014 | Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel journals from Argentina

    The excursions are winding down! So I bid farewell to Argentina with one last trip to Buenos Aires. Awesomely enough, we met a lovely Brazilian friend while we were staying in Mendoza, named Grace. She is living in Buenos Aires right now studying so she offered to show us around for a part of our trip. Highlights: -       El Ateneo This awesome spot was an old cinema now converted into a bookstore. …

  • Burning down the house!

    Travel journals and travel notes - Burning down the hous...

    Sat Nov 15, 2014 | Moscow (Moskva), Russia Travel journals from Russia

    As I'm sure some of you have noticed, the past few weeks have been relatively dry blog entries, not much going on. Seems most of the time is sucked up by homework and grad apps. However, fate has smiled upon us and given me something to write about. So the other day, I was in my room working and smell food burning. I think nothing of it, our floor has …