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  • Learning a new language while traveling

    Travel journals and travel notes - Learning a new langua...

    Mon May 2, 2016 | Michigan, United States Travel journals from United States

    1.    Use an app: Using an app to learn the local language is a good idea because it will help you know what is to be said and how one should pronounce it. This is one of the best and worst ways to learn a language. Best because it will be patient, and you can hear the same word again and again till you are sure that you are perfect …

  • Goals List

    Travel journals and travel notes - Goals List

    Mon Apr 11, 2016 | Michigan, United States Travel journals from United States

    What I hope to accomplish at the reserve... 1. Take as many safari walks as possible 2. Aid in the feeding and care of the elephants at the sanctuary 3. Aid in the nursing and care of the animals in the rehabilitation center 4. Assist in the tracking and research of the "Big 5" 5. Take personal notes and a LOT of pictures 6. Journal every night about my daily experiences--I don't want to forget a …

  • Lifeguarding in the US

    Travel journals and travel notes - Lifeguarding in the U...

    Fri Dec 3, 2010 | Virginia, United States Travel journals from United States

    An experience full of job, love and travel, I really enjoyed this experience because I learned a lot about the job duties and I became a good lifeguard, thanks to all the supervisors and lifeguards of high sierra pools. after my visa ended I went totravel to different states and beaches, and it was an amazing experience, I totally recomended.…