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the ferry by far of was my favorite part! Here is me with the tour guide Remigio having fun keeping our balance while on the rocky boat!

Photo by: Jhall

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  • Mom's tarot card reading was right!

    Travel journals and travel notes - Mom's tarot card read...

    Mon Sep 8, 2014 | San Salvador, El Salvador Travel journals from El Salvador

    Well folks, after a 6 hour delay I have made it to San Salvador! Mom did a tarot card reading for me and several cards came up saying I would have delays in travel so I was just waiting for the moment to present itself. Not my final destination but I will get there tomorrow. I didn't end up leaving Toronto until almost 11 pm but at least I have …

  • Heartbroken and Defeated

    Travel journals and travel notes - Heartbroken and Defea...

    Sun Sep 7, 2014 | Quito, Ecuador Travel journals from Ecuador

    The past two weeks have been intense and overwhelming, Yesterday marked my third week in Ecuador, and sadly, I feel like time is going faster than I hoped it would. With all the traveling I’ve been doing, taking six classes in Spanish, and starting my Giving-Back Project, it’s not surprising that I’m losing track of time. This week I began my Give-Back Project. I will completing a Community Health rotation in …

  • First week and loving it

    Travel journals and travel notes - First week and loving...

    Wed Sep 3, 2014 | Moscow (Moskva), Russia Travel journals from Russia

    I arrived in Moscow yesterday in the late afternoon after three uneventful flights. I love Lufthansa airlines, you get to eat with real silverware and they pass out hot towelettes! It's the little things that count. The flights themselves were fine, I just couldn't sleep at all. So my first day here was not the most pleasant just because I was extremely tired. After making it through Passport Control and …