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  • Top 4 Travel Destinations in Australia

    Travel journals and travel notes - Top 4 Travel Destinat...

    Thu Feb 12, 2015 | Sydney, Australia Travel journals from Australia

    Australia is a beautiful country and is being hailed as a major travel destination.  It offers unique landscape options for the travelers. It is a hot and best travel destination in the world. Most people would love to visit Australia and spend their holidays. Australia offers a lot of things to enjoy like architectural marvels, major cities, and tropical rain forests. It will take you on a wonderful trip and …

  • Short trip to Hong Kong

    Travel journals and travel notes - Short trip to Hong Ko...

    Sat Jan 17, 2015 | Hong Kong, China Travel journals from China

    Honk Kong is known as a shopper’s paradise, but the vibrant metropolis offers more than just stores and a dynamic nightlife. A blend of tradition, natural beauty, and booming growth, Honk Kong is a traveler's dream. There are activities and excursions for all, but limiting down the wish list can be difficult. The following five are guaranteed to leave all parties smiling and pining for a return trip. Man Mo Temple Literary …

  • The Color of Money

    Travel journals and travel notes - The Color of Money

    Tue Dec 9, 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden Travel journals from Sweden

    I thought it might be worthwhile to mention what I’ve learned about money/banks/credit card usage here in Sweden.  Swedish currency is called krona, or crown in English, and it’s a lot prettier than dollars!  At the time of this writing, $1 = 7, 51 SEK.   A trip to a bank or currency exchange to get kronors will be necessary for using cash in Sweden.  This can be done in the …