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  • Todavia Hay Esperanza

    Travel journals and travel notes - Todavia Hay Esperanza

    Sun Sep 28, 2014 | Ibarra, Ecuador Travel journals from Ecuador

    Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time in the community of San Clemente, a small town in Imbabura that houses an indigenous community of 175 families. This specific community is part of the Caranquis, one of the most resilient groups in Ecuador, whom have fought long and hard to maintain and gain rights. Ecuador still has a very large population of indigenous people. It would have been impossible for …

  • Dashainko Shubakamana!

    Travel journals and travel notes - Dashainko Shubakamana...

    Sun Sep 28, 2014 | Nepal Travel journals from Nepal

    Coming back from Palpa made this week in Kathmandu rougher than usual. Spending time in the beautiful greenery of the Middle Hills was a huge contrast to returning back to the business of the capital city. School seemed to drag on this week, to make things more stressful, we had a lot of assignments due - even while completely across the world, schoolwork is still schoolwork.  On Thursday began Dashain, one …

  • St. Petersburg and all that

    Travel journals and travel notes - St. Petersburg and al...

    Fri Sep 26, 2014 | Moscow (Moskva), Russia Travel journals from Russia

    So as you all know, we went to St. Petersburg this past weekend. What a whirlwind of experiences! We left around 1am Thursday night/Friday morning and it was my first time riding on a passenger train. Pretty nice, slept for the whole ride and woke when we were about a half hour outside of St. Petersburg. We were met by our tour guide then proceeded to breakfast. New food obsession: …