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  • Coming Up for Air, Part 3

    Travel journals and travel notes - Coming Up for Air, Pa...

    Mon Nov 24, 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden Travel journals from Sweden

    Before and after our ship sailed to Latvia I had the chance to spend a few hours in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city.  In addition to the familiar “big city vibe”, I was enthralled by all of the history and culture everywhere I ventured.  These short glimpses into the Stockholm story were a tasty appetizer for the days I will spend in the city right before I return to the US.  …

  • Week 11: Vienna and Feeling Like I’ve Adjusted

    Travel journals and travel notes - Week 11: Vienna and F...

    Sun Nov 23, 2014 | Vienna, Austria Travel journals from Austria

    Week 11: Vienna and Feeling Like I’ve Adjusted Vienna, Austria is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. History seeps out of every alleyway and cobblestone crack, as it was the seat of the Hapsburgs and an incredible cultural crossroads connecting the East to the West. I visited the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (no photo I took did it justice), the Schönbrunn Palace (the summer imperial residence), countless churches, saw a few …

  • First Visit to Beautiful Australia

    Travel journals and travel notes - First Visit to Beauti...

    Sat Nov 22, 2014 | Texas, United States Travel journals from United States

    After a long flight, at 8:00 pm we finally landed at Sydney International airport here and two hours of time difference (in winter), I wore short sleeves on the plane, the plane has been facelift before the end of the box are the fall and winter clothes, Haha! but generally speaking, the Australian winter is not cold, do not bring down jacket, in general, a thick coat, would be sufficient. Everything …