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the ferry by far of was my favorite part! Here is me with the tour guide Remigio having fun keeping our balance while on the rocky boat!

Photo by: Jhall

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    Today I went to the ‘Parqué de las Esculturas’ or ‘Sculpture Park’ in English. I did not plan on visiting this park, but like many things in Santiago de Chile, it simply presented itself to me. I was on my way to visit the Gran Torre Santiago, the tallest building in South America. As I got off my bus and began walking I stumbled into this amazing park. Different coloured …

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    Top Three Things I'm Looking Forward To For My 6 Weeks In Antigua, Guatemala: 1. My classes! Okay this maybe sounds really nerdy but I'm honestly looking forward to Sociocultural Influences on Learning. The intersection of culture and education is super interesting/important to me so I can't wait to learn more about it. 2. The food; bring on the black beans and plantains! :) 3. Living in a homestay. This is going to …

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    Sat May 23, 2015 | Shenzhen, China Travel journals from China

    After traveling for almost 18 straight hours, I finally arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday. Hong Kong is a beautiful city, and definitely one I will be visiting frequently during my stay here. After arriving in Hong Kong, I spent the night at a friend's house and the next morning met with the plant manager who escorted me across the border into mainland China.  China is way different than I ever …