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Pirenopolis, Brazil

Photo by: Karl

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  • The Ramblings of an Abroad-er

    Travel journals and travel notes - The Ramblings of an A...

    Thu Apr 10, 2014 | Shanghai, China Travel journals from China

    So today I'm going to try something a little different. I'm just going to type. Type anything and everything that pops into my head when I think "Studying in China," and hopefully it'll make some sort of sense :) When I think of China, I think of smog, skyscrappers, temples, mountains, rivers, dragons, and my absolutely inability to master the 3rd tone of the Chinese language. I think of the time …

  • Excited is an understatement

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    Fri Apr 4, 2014 | Perth, Australia Travel journals from Australia

    Hi everyone, Today is my first entry into my Costa Rica Journey blog! Firstly, I am so excited to have been accepted into the ISV program to take part in this amazing experience.  I cannot wait to be fully immersed into the culture and traditions of Costa Rica! Sea turtles, sloths, salsa dancing, new people, new experiences, Spanish and so many activities are keeping a massive smile on my face!! A bit about …

  • Back in the States

    Travel journals and travel notes - Back in the States

    Thu Feb 6, 2014 | Massachusetts, United States Travel journals from United States

    Now that I have been home for a month, I have been reflecting on my study abroad experience. Since it's winter here and summer in Australia, I am definitely missing the weather. There's already been a few snow storms here. When I got back, I felt like I always had something to say about Australia. I'm sure people got somewhat sick of me adding things to almost every conversation, but I …