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  • Week 6: Gratitude and Homesickness

    Travel journals and travel notes - Week 6: Gratitude and...

    Thu Oct 16, 2014 | Prague, Czech Republic Travel journals from Czech Republic

    There are fewer events to talk about this week since I included Krakow in my last post, so are a few things I’m so grateful for about being in Prague along with some reflection. A few things I’m grateful for: Learning about Dutch culture by talking to my friend Iris from Amsterdam whom I met in my surrealism in film class. We went to Cross Club (See week 3) and found a …

  • My Croatian Vacation, An Experience to Remember

    Travel journals and travel notes - My Croatian Vacation,...

    Mon Oct 13, 2014 | Split, Croatia Travel journals from Croatia

    I  have a lot to recap concerning my Croatian Vacation which I took in April. My experience started when I landed in Dubrovnik Airport from where I took a cab to Mostar (ref. http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostar) where I was to spend the night. The drive was great although it was getting dark but I arrived in Hotel Mepas where I was to spend the night before proceeding with my excursion the following morning. I …

  • Vladimir, Suzdal, and GREs, oh my!

    Travel journals and travel notes - Vladimir, Suzdal, and...

    Wed Oct 8, 2014 | Moscow (Moskva), Russia Travel journals from Russia

    My apologies for the break in journal entries. So remembering back, the weekend after we were in St. Petersburg I took the math subject GRE. Thankfully, we got there in time and everything (knowing how to get there ahead of time really helped). Funnily enough, of all the students there, roughly a third or so were taking the physics GRE, 1 was taking the biochem one, and the rest were …