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  • One Last Weekend Getaway

    Travel journals and travel notes - One Last Weekend Geta...

    Tue Jul 29, 2014 | Takoradi, Ghana Travel journals from Ghana

    With my return to the United States coming up very quickly, I decided to spend one last weekend exploring a beach resort that I hadn't visited yet. After asking around, I decided to visit Cape Three Points and stay at the resort Escape Three Points. This area is unique in that it is the closest land point to what could be considered the "middle" of the world, 0 degrees latitude, …

  • Insadong

    Travel journals and travel notes - Insadong

    Mon Jul 28, 2014 | Seoul, South Korea Travel journals from South Korea

    I cannot stress how much Seoul has to offer. I have about 20 days left here in Seoul. Most would think that 20 days is plentiful to explore a city. I think I need to live in Seoul for a year to fully enjoy everything it has to offer. One of the areas that define Seoul is Insadong. This area is full of shops selling traditional Korean items from souvenirs, …

  • Farewell Madagascar

    Travel journals and travel notes - Farewell Madagascar

    Sun Jul 27, 2014 | Pennsylvania, United States Travel journals from United States

    Being here has inspired me to continue down the tract of maternal healthcare and obstetrics. I am even inspired to get involved in politics and start my own clinic. There were some parts of the program that  I expected to be a little different but because I have been encouraged to continue studying traditional medicine and get more involved in healthcare policy making, I am forever changed and that is …