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  • Nandi Hills Insider’s Guide

    Travel journals and travel notes - Nandi Hills Insider...

    Wed Oct 5, 2016 | Bangalore, India Travel journals from India

    Nandi Hills is situated about 75 km from Bangalore town, in the Karnataka state of India. If you visit this wonderful hilltop, you will always want to come back. The main destinations in Nandi Hills are its peaceful natural charm and the wonderful views of the valleys around the hill. This is a cost-effective honeymoon vacation place to go for those who think it is not sensible to invest a …

  • Day 2 - Arrival

    Travel journals and travel notes - Day 2 - Arrival

    Mon Aug 8, 2016 | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Travel journals from Zimbabwe

    Nightmare! Thanks a lot British Airways man for saying it was all authorised when it wasn't. Finally got it sorted but it was probably the most anxious I've ever been. Couldn't even get hold of my parents because I have no signal or wifi...Vodafone better sort it's life out!Flying over J'burg in our rickety old plane the city looked great! It did amuse me that pretty much everyone had a …

  • The Forgotten Ones

    Travel journals and travel notes - The Forgotten Ones

    Sat Dec 26, 2015 | Lima, Peru Travel journals from Peru

    Los Martincitos is a community based initiative started in 1987 and is sponsored by the Catholic Church in Villa El Salvador. Three times a week 110 senior citizens living in poverty receive basic services. Some of them have experience being neglected, abuse, poor health care & social rejection. They wait for these days to be able to come together, pray, eat & have fun. As I volunteer I got to …