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the ferry by far of was my favorite part! Here is me with the tour guide Remigio having fun keeping our balance while on the rocky boat!

Photo by: Jhall

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  • Trekking

    Travel journals and travel notes - Trekking

    Tue Oct 28, 2014 | Nepal Travel journals from Nepal

    Monday morning I woke up at 5 AM in Pokhara and headed to the airport. After staying up pretty late for a friend's birthday, you could say I wasn't exactly a happy camper. All fourteen students plus three staff members crammed into a transport van and left the comfort of the hotel beds and departed for Mustang.  Once I stepped off the eighteen minute flight through the Himalayas, the fact that …

  • A walk to remember

    Travel journals and travel notes - A walk to remember

    Sat Oct 18, 2014 | Orebro, Sweden Travel journals from Sweden

    In need of a break from studying for my upcoming first exam, I decided on Friday to venture into the nature preserve/forest that lies adjacent to campus. Granted, I have been dodging invites to group hikes for weeks.  If I’d been asked, I would have firmly stated that I don’t really enjoy the outdoors. However on this particular day, the view from my window was so inviting that I put …

  • Week Seven: Volunteering and a Little Czech Town

    Travel journals and travel notes - Week Seven: Volunteer...

    Mon Oct 27, 2014 | Prague, Czech Republic Travel journals from Czech Republic

    Week Seven: Volunteering and a Little Czech Town Every week I feel my priorities shift a little. This week I've been connecting more with ERASMUS (European study abroad) students and have really appreciated seeing where our perspectives line up and diverge. Here's what I did this week: -I went to a rock concert played by this band called Plastic People of the Universe, which is this Czech band that played illegal underground shows during …