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  • The Looming Departure


    by: hlefrois

    created on: Aug 28, 2014 | Nebraska, United States

    Privyet! In less than 36 hours, I set foot on a plane to begin one of the biggest adventures of my life. My name is Harrison and I'm a senior math major at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. I'll be spending this fall semester studying in Moscow, Russia at a program called Math in Moscow (MiM). It is an incredible honor to represent my school and FEA at this program. Here's …

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  • Pre-departure Jitters

    journal photo

    by: clairecohen5

    created on: Aug 25, 2014 | Illinois, United States

    As I prepare to be dropped off at O'Hare International Airport, I'm starting to feel something new - nervousness. Up until this point I have been extraordinarily excited for my trip to Kathmandu, Nepal, anxious, but in a fascinating way. Today, for the first time, it really hit me: this is really happening. For the first time since I decided to plunge into the unknown and travel on the opposite …

  • Tour of the City of Quito

    journal photo

    by: lauramata

    created on: Aug 24, 2014 | Quito, Ecuador

    My first week in Quito has been amazing and impossible to describe in one blog, but I will do my best. I’m living with a host family that has a lot of experience with international students from my university, and they welcomed me from the moment I arrived. A big part of Latin American culture is family, and although this is not knew to me, I am starting to get …

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  • Excursion 1: Caj√≥n del Maipo

    journal photo

    by: madisonroge

    created on: Aug 23, 2014 | Chile

    This past weekend my friends, Sofi and Haines, and I escaped from the city for some nature in Cajón del Maipo, an area southeast and just a couple hours outside of the capital, Santiago. This was my first long-ish distance trip, which made it even more exciting! With our bulky backpacks containing all of our camping supplies, we caught the 9AM bus to Santiago to then took an additional three …

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  • India :) !!


    by: ErikaMateus

    created on: Aug 22, 2014 | Texas, United States

    Well I'm here... Only a few days before my trip!! I'm super excited, but I'm still super busy with some other things that I need to take care of before I leave.. What an amazing experience is this one... having the opportunity to travel, and at the same time do something that comes from the bottom of your heart as caring about other human beings and helping those who are less …

  • one billion in earlier 10 years


    by: ghaosdyn

    created on: Aug 22, 2014 | Afghanistan

    The Wall Avenue Journal is reporting that Larry Ellison, founder and chief government of computer software maker Oracle, topped the list of very best compensated executives of public organizations in the course of the earlier ten years. Ellison obtained $1.84 billion in payment, in accordance to some Wall Street Journal evaluation of CEO spend.Barry Diller arrived in second within the compensation list, the WSJ studies.Rounding out the very best 5 …

  • My Travel experience


    by: JulieHoward

    created on: Apr 28, 2014 | Toronto, Canada

    Do you want to feature unique experiences, people, and places that you have seen in your travels? People with a disability may not be able to react as quickly as able-bodied people in case of a fire break-out. While it is good that disabled people want to live life on their own terms and be capable of handling all situations, they need to be made aware of precautionary measures.

  • Fundraising step.


    by: Smars

    created on: Aug 21, 2014 | Gold Coast, Australia

    So I've started to organise my fundraising finally! I've created a GoFundME accound so i'm hoping for all the best with that. The link to it is if anybody wants to check it out! If you have social media sites, feel free to copy and paste the link and share it around. So i'm getting my vaccinations on Monday-nervous as heck seeing as needles frighten me! balancing organisationa nd my …

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  • Off I go...


    by: mgmichael

    created on: Aug 21, 2014 | Illinois, United States

    It’s 3pm CST in Terminal 5 of O’Hare International in Chicago. As I sit here waiting for my flight, I am thinking on all of the things and people that came together to make this trip a reality.  Already this has been quite a learning experience for me; navigating passport and visa applications, juggling communications between various government agencies, universities and programs. I had no idea what goes into traveling …

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  • First Impressions of Granada


    by: ccniesen

    created on: Aug 20, 2014 | Granada, Spain

    I'm loving how friendly and helpful my host family is!  The food is excellent, and the space that we have is enormous.  My friend and I have the entire upstairs with our own kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even patio.  We even have a pool outside to cool off in the Spanish summer heat!

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