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  • MLM Scores -MLM and Home Based Business Opportunities


    by: acclevantoffice

    created on: Sep 04, 2015 | Rajasthan, India

    MLM Scores based on public Internet interest. The most accurate snapshot of the home based business industry on the web. best network marketing opportunity Ever wonder how a given MLM Opportunity really stacks up against the competition? Once you get past the MLM hype, the MLM marketing sites, and the MLM reps themselves telling you about the company popularity? , network marketing opportunity  MLM Scores gives you a crystal clear …

  • Mumbai Escorts

    journal photo

    by: Mumbaiescorts

    created on: Aug 27, 2015 | Mumbai, India

    Welcome you to the best escort's agency in Mumbai. Hello guest welcome to the Bombay Escort agency in Mumbai Hello Gentlemen, i'm a Diya Mumbai Escorts . All that you simply understand can amendment once you treat yourself to some adored snippets of your time with American state. As a buddy, I expect to satisfy. AN combination sweetheart affair, i'll wow you from the minute you open the entree. i'm a twenty five year …

  • study in Ukraine

    journal photo

    by: Nina_Bazanov_Bancompany

    created on: Aug 27, 2015 | Kabul, Afghanistan

    Admission into Ukraine National Medical University. 2015 Application is now open for Undergraduate applicant . I can help you to get Admission letter for any of your choice of course and University. Scan and send your credentials to When your Admission Letter is ready, i will send you details and requirement on how to get your Visa. Start now to prepare yourself to study in Ukraine. For Further Details Contact me: My Ukraine Number: Tel +380(93)129 258 2 Tel …

  • My Journey to South America

    journal photo

    by: mysteriousreggae

    created on: Aug 25, 2015 | California, United States

    I never knew where I would be after college. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and what I saw myself doing, but I never thought I would be given an opportunity to travel to South America for free. That has always been a dream of mine to travel to an unknown place to help people. To help bridge that gap between the familiar & the unfamiliar. …

  • Website is coming!

    journal photo

    by: ProWorldGhana

    created on: Aug 24, 2015 | Cape Coast, Ghana

    Thank you for visiting ProWorld Ghana. Our website is under construction. For now please feel free to search through the different tabs to learn more about our projects, homestay and past participant experiences. Please contact with any questions! Medaase, ProWorld Ghana Site Team

  • Ayedwe Community Center Commissioned

    journal photo

    by: ProWorldGhana

    created on: Aug 24, 2015 | Jukwa, Ghana

    On August 15, 2015 ProWorld Ghana and the Ayedwe community of rural farmers celebrated the opening of a multi-purpose community center. With the support of ProWorld Ghana interns and university group participants from summer 2013-summer 2015 the Ayedwe community benefits from it's first enclosed block building. This center will enable them to do a number interventions to suppot community development namely it can serve as a space to educate the …

  • Cruising the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

    journal photo

    by: crosailor

    created on: Aug 20, 2015 | Split, Croatia

    Planning a summer vacation is one of my favorite activities. It is that very special time, dedicated to myself, the only time I get to relax, enjoy sun and seaside. So that is why I put an extra effort to plan my itinerary so I could loosen and let go. My everyday job makes me very stressed out and I had to learn special techniques to become less tensed and to …

  • Bai Bai's


    by: AirplaneWindow

    created on: Aug 19, 2015 | Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), Taiwan

    Hello All! This will be my last journal entry for the FEA scholarships blog. I have had a wonderful time in Taiwan, and can not wait to come back and visit all the new friends I have made! Today is my last day in Taiwan and my teachers and I decided to make it count.  First, we all went to an amazing lunch. It was dim sum style sushi, and let me …

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  • My Return to the States

    journal photo

    by: marisavickers

    created on: Aug 07, 2015 | Texas, United States

    Now that I have finally resettled back into the States, I noticed that I have been suffering from a severe case of withdrawals. I miss absolutely everything about Europe. Each day I think of the people, my friends, the food, my French classes, the old world architecture, the sunny beaches, the fairy tale-like forests, being able to enjoy the simplistic pleasures of reading a book outdoors or having a coffee and croissant …

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  • Returning Home: Texas

    journal photo

    by: VannahW11

    created on: Aug 06, 2015 | Texas, United States

    I have finally returned home to Texas. It has been a bittersweet moment. I am sad to leave Costa Rica because it has offered me so many chances to grow personally and professionally, learn a new language and culture, and explore beautiful places. I have truly enjoyed every opportunity and adventure, even when I was uncomfortable with trying something new. I hate to leave behind a great family, friends, and …

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