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  • Homestay Hospitality


    by: CGermann

    created on: Mar 29, 2015 | Iringa, Tanzania

    Our group has now traveled to our rural villages for our two week homestay experiences. I am residing with a family in the village of Igoda, in the neighborhood of Fyogo, in the Mufindi Region. Baba Omary and Mama Brunide have welcomed me into their home where they live with three sons, who still live at home and go to school. The youngest boy is Ambwene and he is 8 …

  • Thailand July 24 2015


    by: Kayli_Nishime

    created on: Mar 27, 2015 | California, United States

    Hello all! Anyone on the same Thailand July 24th trip as me? Would love to meet people before hand and learn about your travel plans! You can also find/contact me on facebook to keep in touch under "Kayli Misa Nishime" :)

    International Student Volunteers International Student Volunteers

    Advisor Group Journal

  • A slow boat to China

    journal photo

    by: vickyberger

    created on: Mar 26, 2015 | Ohio, United States

    The landscapes are simply breathtaking. The people extremely friendly...and love to have their pictures taken with Foreigners.  The gardens divine. And, yes, the food was very good!

    International TEFL Academy International TEFL Academy

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  • Top 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Hong Kong!

    journal photo

    by: contirbutor

    created on: Mar 24, 2015 | Hong Kong, China

    Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. From business visitors to leisure travelers, the city attracts countless people from all across the world. It’s a highly advanced and modern city that promises an exciting travel experience to all types of travelers. There are plenty of places to see and explore in the city. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t miss if you’re in …

  • Gold Touch screen

    journal photo

    by: acclevantseo

    created on: Mar 23, 2015 | India

    Small business owners around the world use our training products and attend our seminars to build more successful and profitable businesses. We believe in cultivating a new generation of entrepreneurs by helping and empowering them with the tools and resources to grow more profitable and less stressful businesses. Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to expand your products and solutions portfolio or you're just starting your online business journey now, joining …

  • Enjoy Xela to the max!


    by: doguatemala

    created on: Mar 20, 2015 | Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

    How to enjoy Xela to the max So, you´ve arrived in Xela, that´s great! You might have come here with a special purpose, but what if you don´t have any outlined plans yet? Here are some suggestions how you can enjoy Xela at its best! We´d be happy to make these plans come true, just shoot an email to or give us a call on (502) 4699-3614.  Spanish study There are many …

  • Spring Break Zanzibar Style

    journal photo

    by: CGermann

    created on: Mar 15, 2015 | Tanzania

    Spring Break in Zanzibar! Who would have ever, in a million years, thought I would be vacationing in Zanzibar, let alone during a semester abroad in Tanzania. Not me, that's for sure. Seven of my wonderful student cohorts and I have made the 12 hour bus ride to Dar followed by the 1 hour ferry ride over to the tourist hot spot of the Indian Ocean. Our first day has been …

  • Sunflowers, Shepherds, and Strength

    journal photo

    by: CGermann

    created on: Mar 11, 2015 | Iringa, Tanzania

    Allow me to start this blog entry with a little national background. We have been learning a bit about the Tanzanian economy in our classes, here at the University of Iringa. Now what I am about to tell you, is completely my impression of what I have been told by our instructors and with the language barriers, my interpretations may be slightly off. Tanzania has an economy which is 80-90% …

  • A Sneak Peak At Makarska

    journal photo

    by: TanyaAE

    created on: Mar 08, 2015 | Split, Croatia

    The Makarska Riviera is one of the European treasures hidden in Croatia. For me it was a complete step back in time, and reminded me of my childhood holidays. A vacation here was a glorious mix of sandy beaches, history and great local food. A Touch of History We flew into Split,_Croatia and spent a day there. You almost get the feeling that this is the place where a different …

  • Top 4 Travel Destinations in Australia

    journal photo

    by: Aeliysie

    created on: Feb 11, 2015 | Sydney, Australia

    Australia is a beautiful country and is being hailed as a major travel destination.  It offers unique landscape options for the travelers. It is a hot and best travel destination in the world. Most people would love to visit Australia and spend their holidays. Australia offers a lot of things to enjoy like architectural marvels, major cities, and tropical rain forests. It will take you on a wonderful trip and …

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