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  • MLM Scores - Home


    by: acclevantoffice

    created on: Nov 29, 2015 | Rajasthan, India

    MLM Scores – Home Top MLM Company MLM scores are provide a best MLM company and which company is best show in top MLM company and business opportunities which company do a best work for show in top position and do a better work day by day show in top position and top company are give a details for you and every company are provide different work and do a better …

  • Help Get Me HOME!


    by: GetMeHome

    created on: Nov 29, 2015 | California, United States

    Hello; My name is Richard. I need to get back to my family in Michigan, asI have not seen them in 40+ years now. I need funding for a good used RV. I will be living in this RV for the duration of my life. (I am now 60 years old) I pray anyone to donate to my cause it is very important to me. I am asking fo $17,000.00 …

  • National Day In Dubai

    journal photo

    by: LucyRy

    created on: Nov 19, 2015 | United Arab Emirates

    The 2nd of December is fast approaching and Dubai has already started preparing for The United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day. After the treaty with the United Kingdom expired, the UAE came into existence on the 2nd of December in 1971. The different Sheiks decided to form a union and that is how the seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Kahimah and Ajman) joined …

  • First Week Up

    journal photo

    by: mysteriousreggae

    created on: Nov 09, 2015 | Cusco, Peru

    It is crazy how you get so used to being in one place for so long it starts to feel like home and you feel like you're not ready to go to the next place, but you want to go to a new place. That is exactly how I felt leaving Argentina, but I knew that Peru was waiting on me. After I arrived from my flight a Maximo Nivel …

  • My Grand, But Quiet Exit

    journal photo

    by: mysteriousreggae

    created on: Nov 03, 2015 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Hola bloggers, seekers, dreamers, believers & travelers. Sooooo I left Argentina at 4am in the morning so I could be at Ezeiza Airport at 5 am because my flight was at 8 am. Between packing and working the last week before leaving I didn't have time to blog before I left. EARLIER IN THE WEEK BEFORE I LEFT>>> I basically washed laundry, said my goodbyes to the owners of store fronts I …

  • Dracula‚Äôs Castle

    journal photo

    by: AlexMorgan

    created on: Oct 30, 2015 | Brasov, Romania

    As the old saying goes, a ship is safe in a port, but it’s not what ships are built for. Somehow along the way we forgot that traveling is all about the adventure and novelty and being taken out of your comfort zone. The first travelers and wanderers – pilgrims – sought and were lured by mythical and sacred places, known to them only by the words of mouth or …


    journal photo

    by: mysteriousreggae

    created on: Oct 21, 2015 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

    So I am writing you all and I have a week left until my next assignment in Cusco, Peru. I have only been sharing my experiences, but not taking my time to tell you all how I feel in detail. I told myself that the next time I write another entry for this blog I would take my time and be brutally honest. So here it goes..... Since I have been …

  • Top 4 Travel Destinations in Australia

    journal photo

    by: Aeliysie

    created on: Feb 11, 2015 | Sydney, Australia

    Australia is a beautiful country and is being hailed as a major travel destination.  It offers unique landscape options for the travelers. It is a hot and best travel destination in the world. Most people would love to visit Australia and spend their holidays. Australia offers a lot of things to enjoy like architectural marvels, major cities, and tropical rain forests. It will take you on a wonderful trip and …

  • Don't Hide! Stand Front and Center

    journal photo

    by: mysteriousreggae

    created on: Oct 07, 2015 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I am finally updating you all and its the first week of October. So I apologize for keeping you waiting. Between work, experiencing Argentina and taking care of day to day things, I have been a little busy. The end of September was absoFRIGGINlutely dope! I got to take pictures for a fashion show for the clothing line Ginebra (56 of the pictures I toook for the event were published). …

  • Post Draft

    journal photo

    by: mprit003

    created on: Oct 04, 2015 | Florida, United States

    Traveling to Lisbon, Portugal has been an amazing learning experience for me. The person that I have become since I have left is stronger and smarter than the person I was before the trip. I expected to experience a wonderful time in Portgual, but how I positively envisioned the trip would be did no justice in comparison to actually living through such an amazing experience. The expectations I had of …

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