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  • Liberty 58


    by: suzygoudzy

    created on: Apr 19, 2014 | Ancona, Italy

    I had always been tempted to teach abroad, but  with a husband  and, later on, kids, it was just a dream. Now I am single at 58...better late than never. I'm in top shape, have 35 years of experience in teaching, why not have my dream come through? I have received info about my host family. I am sooooo thrilled: I will be with a young couple and a 3-year old …

  • Jordan trip


    by: Hilal01

    created on: Apr 18, 2014 | Jordan

    Check out my blog at

  • Homesickness, Historical Perspectives, Black History, & Easter At The Youth Center

    journal photo

    by: VictoriaLaFara

    created on: Apr 18, 2014 | London, United Kingdom

    This week has been a little harder. Home sickness has began to really set in. I miss my family and friends terribly. Thankfully, my partner has been sending me pictures and talking to me regularly and that has helped. It's strange being the outsider in a foreign place. Especially a place that seems so similar at first glance, but it is not the same, like stepping through the looking glass. …

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  • Fateh Prakash Palace


    by: Easytoursofindia

    created on: Apr 18, 2014 | Agra, India

    Located on the eastern shore of the picturesque Lake Pichola in Udaipur, the Fateh Prakash Palace seems to have floated straight out of a fairytale. This palace was constructed during the reign of one of the greatest Maharana’s of the Kingdom of Mewar, Maharana Fateh Singh. The palace was constructed as an exclusive venue for royal functions and …

  • Importance of restaurant templates to make business successful


    by: MaryThomas

    created on: Apr 16, 2014 | Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Restaurant templates are an important thing that any restaurant must have to attract the customers’ attention. It gives them an idea about the food menu, different cuisines and services that a restaurant offers. It’s like an eye candy for any customer and by having a look at the restaurant template one can understand what it is all about. Any restaurant business can run successfully only when its sales expand initially …

  • History At My Fingertips, Social Politics, & My Awesome Internship

    journal photo

    by: VictoriaLaFara

    created on: Apr 10, 2014 | London, United Kingdom

    I started off my week with meeting some queer, feminist squatters living just up the street from my school. It was so lovely to find folks to whom I strongly relate. They invited me out to a sober, queer dance night. At first I was a little skeptical, it sounded awkward. Usually people don't dance until they've had some drinks. But I couldn't pass up an opportunity to connect with …

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  • Countdown to South Africa 2015!!


    by: Smars

    created on: Apr 10, 2014 | Gold Coast, Australia

    After being accepted into the program and placing my first deposit, I'm not going to lie but I hadn't had a look at and forms/payment dates or how im going to start fundraising, gathering insurance info ect. I was pretty slack, and getting worried i was going to miss something! But uni had me busy. I sat down tonight, filled in the group flight info and my preffered project and …

  • The Ramblings of an Abroad-er

    journal photo

    by: sarahann

    created on: Apr 09, 2014 | Shanghai, China

    So today I'm going to try something a little different. I'm just going to type. Type anything and everything that pops into my head when I think "Studying in China," and hopefully it'll make some sort of sense :) When I think of China, I think of smog, skyscrappers, temples, mountains, rivers, dragons, and my absolutely inability to master the 3rd tone of the Chinese language. I think of the time …

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  • Vietnam Calling: 4 Steps To Getting a Visa on Arrival

    journal photo

    by: ericsandujar

    created on: Apr 08, 2014 | Vietnam

    So you’re planning to visit Vietnam and can’t wait to get there and check out Ho Chi Minh City, the Son Doong cave, go cruising at the Ha Long Bay, shoot some rifles at the Cu Chi Tunnels and try their famous snake wine! Vietnam has a lot of unique experiences to offer its visitors and you can rest assured that this place is going to leave you wanting more …

  • Fundraising Begins

    journal photo

    by: SophieAUS

    created on: Apr 07, 2014 | Perth, Australia

    Hello again, The hard work has begun.  To be able to make this trip a success I have already begun calling restaurants and sourcing out family friends and work colleagues to help with raising funds.  So far I would like to thank Eat Street in Fremantle for offering a discounted 3-course meal for us to use in a fundraising night over the next three weeks.  I cannot wait to have everyone …

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