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  • Chilean Pesos

    journal photo

    by: rocksicon

    created on: Jul 07, 2015 | Santiago, Chile

    During my time here in Chile I have been using Chilean Pesos and I love them! They are super colorful and intricate and each bill has so many interesting details. Many countries have bills that are different sizes; this makes being visually impaired much more easy. For instance, in the United States all the bills are the same size so you have to trust the person you are paying to …

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  • Summers in Dubai

    journal photo

    by: KilimanajroBlog

    created on: Jul 07, 2015 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Life is the name of liveliness. Sorting out time for other than work activities have largely proved valuable for mind and body. Dubai has established a prominent position among world renowned places for both business and tourism. The corporate life in Dubai has its own pros and cons. But when it comes to fun, entertainment and loads of shopping Dubai has no substitute. Recently, the large scale development of resources …

  • My Third Week in Rennes


    by: marisavickers

    created on: Jul 05, 2015 | Rennes, France

    Monday 6/29-For dinner the Cirefe program held an event where all of the students met for dinner at a creperie. For 8€ we had cidre, a galette with cheese, ham, and egg, and for dessert a hazelnut crepe. Wednesday 7/1- Mercredi au Thabor.The Cirefe organized another event that consisted of going as a group to the park to dance and listen to traditional Breton music. There were lots of …

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  • Welcome to the Land of Cheap Food and Insomniacs

    journal photo

    by: AirplaneWindow

    created on: Jul 05, 2015 | Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), Taiwan

    Hello All! Last week I finished my internship in China and it was utterly bittersweet. I loved all the friends I stumbled upon and will miss everyone so much. However, I am glad to now be on a new adventure and reunited with people that speak American English! This week I met up with all of my Chinese classmates from college to start a month long study abroad program in the city …

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  • And so the adventure begins...


    by: GwenParry

    created on: Jul 05, 2015 | Liverpool, United Kingdom

    In just a few short hours, I will be heading off to Manchester airport to start the circa 24 hour journey to Cape Town, South Africa. I still can't quite visualise the fact that I will not be back in Liverpool, let alone the northern hemisphere for a whole 2 months. It is tremendously exciting to think that by the time I get back, I will have so many photographs, …

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  • completed mid-term exams


    by: Ivan555

    created on: Jul 04, 2015 | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    I just completed my mid-term exams and am eager to see the results.  It's quite hot here however it would be similarly hot for me if I were currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin interestingly enough.  The cuisine and social norms here are quite different but interesting.

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  • A Day in the Life

    journal photo

    by: AndrewJones

    created on: Jul 04, 2015 | Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Since my last journal entry I've completed my volunteering orientation programme (very impressive title) with Markus from Interweave, which was very enlightening and wide ranging and included practical training plus a tour of some of the local must-see sights. For example, I've now seen Angkor Wat at sunrise (not so spectacular when it's cloudy and the sun wrongfoots all the tourists by sneaking up behind the clouds) but nonetheless the …

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  • Problems with Protests: Running Riots

    journal photo

    by: Alex69

    created on: Jul 03, 2015 | Santiago, Chile

    ''An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.'' These words seem to be above reproach. There certainly isn´t a valid arguement that can be given to take away the validity of this statement. It´s simply true. But what happens when your cause to fight the injustices of the world becomes itself an injustice? This is the case in Santiago, Chile, as men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds have …

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  • Saturday 27th 2015


    by: AmberK

    created on: Jul 03, 2015 | China

    Tonight was the first night I spent in Xiamen. I was extremely tired from all my traveling earlier so the prison like bed didn't seem as hard. Again I woke up at 5:00am naturally and opened the curtains to my room. The view again is simply breath taking but the bathroom was the opposite. I took my shower quickly and prepared for my day. Downstairs two Xiamen University journalism students were …

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  • A New Start With Fundacion Anna Ross


    by: VannahW11

    created on: Jul 02, 2015 | San Jose, Costa Rica

    I am so excited! I have conquered my first two days (Wednesday and Thursday) of service-learning at Fundacion Anna Ross. This foundation offers health promotion, therapy, and support groups to women suffering with or has survived breast cancer. On Wednesday, my colleagues and I created invitations and hand-delivered them to various patients at San Juan Dios Hospital. It was wonderful to see the ladies smile from our little message of hope.  I …

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