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  • 50 years old
  • From New York, United States
  • Currently in Tainan, Taiwan

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For six years I have been traveling through Asia, studying martial arts, looking for that perfect f...

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launch of Martial Arts Odyssey, the new Web TV show, Shot on location in Asia, starring Antonio Gra...

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Shackled by the Neck Burma’s Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe chose exploitation in a tourist village ...

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Automatic Language Growth, a new approach to absorbing a hard language. By Antonio Graceffo

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In Vietnam, searching for traditional martial arts

Travel Articles

  • Art of Fighting: Hide-its the fight in the dog!

    Mon Jan 18, 2010

    A Lesson in Perseverance, or Proof that Talent Means Nothing By Antonio Graceffo   Robert M. Clyne, host of “The Art of Fighting,” made this incredible video about his friend and loosing fighter, Hide, who lives in Tokyo. Hearing what Robert has to say about Hide, I came off luc…  Read More

  • Empty Compliments and the Language Learner

    Thu Jan 14, 2010

    By Antonio Graceffo   Meeting a new Thai person I simply said “Sawadis krap.” Without a second’s hesitation, he said, in English “You Speak Thai very well.” Was I supposed to feel encouraged? Should my head have swollen to monumental proportions because of thi…  Read More

  • Learning Vietnamese from North to South

    Tue Jan 12, 2010

      By Antonio Graceffo   After three months in Hanoi I moved to Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. During my time in Hanoi I had a total of about 90 hours of one-on-one Vietnamese lessons and did approximately 50 hours of self-study listening outside of class. In the weeks before I…  Read More

  • Fight in a Hanoi Park

    Thu Nov 26, 2009

      By Antonio Graceffo     For my web TV Show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” I try to show little known, and culturally interesting martial arts, in unusual locations, which few people are familiar with. We have all heard of China and Japan, and everyone has seen or studied …  Read More

  • Learning Language on Your Own or with an Informal Teacher

    Sun Jul 05, 2009

    By Antonio Graceffo   Many people who have read about the ALG Automatic Language Growth method of language acquisition. The program is listening based, and is currently being used at AUA school in Bangkok, under the direction of David Long. Since the vast majority of the world’s people…  Read More