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  • The First Few Days


    by: StephanieTurner

    created on: Jan 24, 2016 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

    So far the hardest thing is getting accustomed to the time zone. I take a nap in the early evening for a few hours and then I would be up all night. Everyone from home is currently woke so I atleast have someone to talk to during this adjustment. Creating a proper sleeping pattern from a 13 hour time difference is quite difficult. At home I could stay up until …

  • Wow this is getting real...


    by: StephanieTurner

    created on: Jan 18, 2016 | Illinois, United States

    In two days I will be boarding a plane for the first time in my life. It's good to know that its a 5 ☆airline but I'm totally scared lol I have half the mind of what I need to pack and I...well I just need to get my life together. I got my shots, which hurted so bad but I'm over it now. Welp let me begin!

  • Tandem Skydiving: Best Way to Get your Skydiving Dream Fulfilled

    journal photo

    by: virginislandsskydiving

    created on: Jan 14, 2016 | US Virgin Islands

    Is skydiving on your bucket list? Why not sign up for a tandem skydive? Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience this extreme activity for the first time. There are companies offering opportunities for people of all ages to experience tandem skydiving, starting with an instructional class where you can learn basic canopy and freefall skills. Tandem skydiving means you will be jumping with a tandem skydive instructor. This person …

  • Green Bariloche

    journal photo

    by: PaulaMarchand

    created on: Jan 14, 2016 | Bariloche, Argentina

    this time I travel to Bariloche trough amazings lakes, from ships to buses and buses to ships, the Nature it`s so amazing in this place, definetly you must do it, oyu fulfill your heart and your eyes with this deep Green Lakes colors, I will never forget the group thatI travel with and this amazing place, it was my second time in Bariloche but it was the better when you …

  • Tango Dancer in Buenos Aires

    journal photo

    by: PaulaMarchand

    created on: Jan 14, 2016 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

    This was One of my trips to Buenos Aires the Capital of Argentina, When I started to learn this amazing Dance, it was a gift for me because I was beginner in the dance matter but God exist and it took me there, It was everything so fabolous full of dance and learning everyday, I will never forget this experience and my awesome instructor, he was a gentleman with me. …

  • Lifeguarding in the US

    journal photo

    by: PaulaMarchand

    created on: Jan 14, 2016 | Virginia, United States

    An experience full of job, love and travel, I really enjoyed this experience because I learned a lot about the job duties and I became a good lifeguard, thanks to all the supervisors and lifeguards of high sierra pools. after my visa ended I went totravel to different states and beaches, and it was an amazing experience, I totally recomended.

  • National Day In Dubai

    journal photo

    by: LucyRy

    created on: Nov 19, 2015 | United Arab Emirates

    The 2nd of December is fast approaching and Dubai has already started preparing for The United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day. After the treaty with the United Kingdom expired, the UAE came into existence on the 2nd of December in 1971. The different Sheiks decided to form a union and that is how the seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Kahimah and Ajman) joined …

  • Sailing around the Kornati Archipelago

    journal photo

    by: crosailor

    created on: Oct 31, 2016 | Zadar, Croatia

    I want to share my amazing experience of sailingaround the Kornati Islands. This was not my first time sailing in Croatia. I’ve been to Split and Elafiti Islands before and enjoyed the trip immensely. So when it came to choosing my next sailing destination, Croatia was an obvious choice. I decided to pick something new and settled for Kornati archipelago. I travel alone and own a skipper license so I didn’t …

  • Dracula’s Castle

    journal photo

    by: AlexMorgan

    created on: Oct 30, 2015 | Brasov, Romania

    As the old saying goes, a ship is safe in a port, but it’s not what ships are built for. Somehow along the way we forgot that traveling is all about the adventure and novelty and being taken out of your comfort zone. The first travelers and wanderers – pilgrims – sought and were lured by mythical and sacred places, known to them only by the words of mouth or …

  • Top 4 Travel Destinations in Australia

    journal photo

    by: Aeliysie

    created on: Feb 11, 2015 | Sydney, Australia

    Australia is a beautiful country and is being hailed as a major travel destination.  It offers unique landscape options for the travelers. It is a hot and best travel destination in the world. Most people would love to visit Australia and spend their holidays. Australia offers a lot of things to enjoy like architectural marvels, major cities, and tropical rain forests. It will take you on a wonderful trip and …

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