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  • Chinese Exotic Health Foods

    journal photo

    by: edaxian

    created on: Jul 07, 2013 | Hong Kong, China

    The Chinese food culture includes very luxurious and nutritious health foods. They are sold in specialized stores. While in China, my dad and I went to both Chinese and Western medical facilities for a personal illness. The western doctor had prescribed three types of western medicine and also advised me to eat more food that nourishes the blood. In TCM principle, foods that vigorates the blood are good for woman, …

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  • 2 Days until take off


    by: Adrianmass8

    created on: Jul 08, 2013 | California, United States

    I am two days until take-off to Miami and 3 days until we land in the Dominican Republic. I am so excited to get there already! Some of our group members are already there and are loving it. Thank you everyone for your love and support in helping me fundraise. I will keep you guys updated throughout the trip!

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  • One less hurdle


    by: elisamiele

    created on: Jul 07, 2013 | New Jersey, United States

    Finally got my tickets to Edinburgh. One more step to getting there, just need to get a few more things together to feel like I'm actually ready. The next two months can't speed by fast enough. I feel the need to get to Edinburgh.

  • Two Thirds Have Past

    journal photo

    by: MaryHiott

    created on: Jul 07, 2013 | Sydney, Australia

    It is so crazy to think that I am in my final month of being in Sydney. I have felt so sad about leaving actually, that I have decided not to... I am now studying here my next semester and hence will be here until December! I simply could not leave yet. There are still so many things I want to do and see. I have not been up the east coast …

  • On to rural Tanzania

    journal photo

    by: lodoesangmo

    created on: Jul 07, 2013 | Tanzania

    I haven’t been able to blog for a while because of the lack of internet connection in Machame – the small town where I am teaching in rural Tanzania. A lot has happened since my last blog post – I completed the public health policy class at Kilimanjaro Christian University College and started the second part of the program, which consists of an internship in a Tanzanian organization. Completing our …

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  • The Adventures of Week One

    journal photo

    by: NgKev

    created on: Jul 06, 2013 | Amman, Jordan

    The Ali Baba Center truly is an international location. I have had the pleasure of meeting students from Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and France. What these students all have in common is a passion for Arabic language and culture; all of them were willing to pay to come to Jordan and immerse themselves in the local environment. While some of us were placed in different …

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  • On Your Own Overseas


    by: CassandraStagner

    created on: Jul 06, 2013 | Stirling, Scotland

    Now that I am overseas I have learned a great deal about being on my own and how important it is to step outside of your comfort zone and reach out to others. Building friendships with other people is such a big part of making your study abroad experience what it should be! I think people often tend to forget that almost everyone is in the same situation you are, so …

  • Best Resorts In Udaipur

    journal photo

    by: lakeviewhotel

    created on: Jul 06, 2013 | India

    Welcome to The Lakeside Resort Shree Vilas, at Lake Pichola Eco Friendly Lakeside Resort in Udaipur Famous Lake Pichola is the main attraction of Udaipur, the maximum length and the breadth of the lake is enjoyable from the lake side villas of Shree Vilas Lakeside Resort.  Lake Pichola is perfect for families - safe, shallow, warm, clean and power boats are NOT permitted! Offering safe, family oriented surroundings during the busy summer season. …

  • New Delhi

    journal photo

    by: atsentsang

    created on: Jul 06, 2013 | New Delhi, India

    I’ve been in New Delhi for two days now and I’m in an utter state of culture shock. On my way to my hotel from the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, there were many stray dogs sleeping on the sidewalks, but what’s more shocking is that there were more homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks then any stray dogs. Staring out my window with disbelief, these individuals looked sad, …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime

    journal photo

    by: juliapalombo

    created on: Jul 05, 2013 | Adelaide, Australia

    I only found out a couple of weeks ago I will be travelling to Thailand on the 6th of January 2014, but the excitement didn't take long to set it. I initially thought I would be heading to Vietnam, but that trip got cancelled. Thailand, as I have heard, is incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to help the Mea Kok Foundation in any way possible. I …

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