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  • 6 top tips for visiting China

    journal photo

    by: Cindy9037

    created on: Jan 24, 2017 | Beijing, China

    Having travelled to several countries in Asia over many years, it had always been a source of annoyance that I'd never got around to visiting China, one of the largest and most fascinating countries in the whole continent. I'm glad to say that having now put that right and visited many parts of China on several trips, I'm a confirmed Chinaholic and my only regret is that I didn't do …

  • 8 places to visit in Argentina


    by: JGust

    created on: Jan 19, 2017 | Argentina

    Argentina is a large, diverse country with beautiful cities, fascinating culture, incredible natural features, and stunning wildlife. If you're planning a trip, don't forget to include these places in your travel itinerary. Buenos Aires Argentina's capital city is a vibrant, bustling place full of trendy cafes, restaurants, parks, and boutiques. Check out the flea markets of San telmo, tango street dancing, and the rainbow architecture in La Boca. Buenos Aires has a …

  • Zimbabwe 2017


    by: JamesSmart

    created on: Dec 28, 2016 | London, United Kingdom

    I am excited to be heading to Zimbabwe soon.

  • Planning To Visit Croatia? Don’t Forget To See The Famous Blue Cave


    by: thebluecavetourcroatia

    created on: Dec 20, 2016 | United Kingdom

    Travelling is important. If you want to explore yourself, you must explore the world. Not a common saying for sure but still a valid one. Most people spend their lives in one city or town without even hopping on a plane even once in their lives. If you haven’t travelled, then you haven’t turned the pages of your life’s book. And the people for whom travelling is a part of their …

  • take a break and go for the holiday


    by: thebluecavetourcroatia

    created on: Dec 09, 2016 | United Kingdom

    If you want to add fun in your life then you should take a break and go for the holiday. This means that you need to check out what all options will work best for you. For travelling and holidaying you have a lot of choices. But the best one will be to try something different. If you want to experiment a tour around Croatia then Boat Tour …

  • Weeks 1, 2 and 3 in Madrid!

    journal photo

    by: aberella

    created on: Nov 29, 2016 | Madrid, Spain

    So as of today it has been three weeks and four days that I have been living and interning here in Madrid! And first just let me say I am so sorry for the delay of this post. I've been telling people that I would be posting all the time, and sending video updates every week and haven't unfortunately been able to because the wifi at my apartment WILL NOT …

  • 5 Top Reasons to Visit Malaysia


    by: tommy01

    created on: Nov 28, 2016 | Penang, Malaysia

    Hello from beautiful Malaysia! If you’ve ever seen even one photo of this stunning place, it shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest to learn that it’s a popular tourist destination. In fact, once you visit Malaysia, you may never want to leave. Let me explain to you exactly what makes it so special and so unique. The history I’m currently located in Penang, which may be a heavily urbanised part of Malaysia …

  • Think Smart, Stay Safe by Purchasing Travel Insurance Plan

    journal photo

    by: LucyRy

    created on: Nov 28, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland

    In the busy modern lives, all people need to spend some time as leisure time with friends and family. Otherwise, the monotonous everyday life may lead them to stress. Hence if you are planning for a memorable holiday, then it is not the exertion like a smart person to keep yourself embellished for any unexpected event. You can enjoy the entire tour if you have nothing to worry; you have …

  • Learn About Different Types Of Volunteer Programs

    journal photo

    by: Fundacionecuadorvolunte

    created on: Oct 27, 2016 | Quito, Ecuador

    Volunteer work is the act of giving your time and energy to work in a project without any selfish motive. Most of the international volunteer programs can be described as flexible. The flexibility stems from selecting the numbers of hours that you are planning to work in a day or a week. Most of these programs donot demand any academic qualifications. Anyhow, you need to travel a lot and you …

  • Will I even be accepted?


    by: amandatoch

    created on: Oct 26, 2016 | Illinois, United States

    Man, the struggles of being a broke college kid... trying to take a summer abroad... THEY'RE REAL. Basically, I want to apply to a summer abroad program at my campus to the Netherlands. I know I WANT to go, but i'm not sure if i'll be accepted, or if I can even afford it. BUT, you know what?  Life's toooooo short for what if's, or for sitting around on your ass wondering. YOU …

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