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  • Can you volunteer in India?


    by: ispiicevolunteeringindia

    created on: Feb 18, 2018 | Dharamsala, India

    Can you volunteer in India? The least required age is 18 years and above. You can take up a volunteering venture that is offered by worldwide volunteering groups. The country is a welcoming country, and it hosts volunteers from different nations. There also many non-local Indians who are participating in the volunteering programs in India. If you are passionate about India and its philosophy should also engage in volunteering opportunities. It is …

  • India experience


    by: CassiopeeComar

    created on: May 23, 2017 | Goa, India

    To fill in the next month

  • 7 ways I earn money while travelling

    journal photo

    by: EmmaLewis

    created on: May 22, 2017 | Sydney, Australia

    We are constantly dreaming of the day we turn in the 9-5 and hit the road, travel the world. No longer confined to the morning commute to the dull office you have been working in for the past several years. Is this a viable option? I’m frequently asked, “how did you do it?”. I was once in the same position. However, now I work on my own time and travel …

  • Excitement Building!


    by: MarkWellnitz

    created on: May 13, 2017 | Wisconsin, United States

    My daughter and I are very excited about our upcoming volunteer assignment! We are finalizing our remaining details now.

  • Things to be aware of when travelling in Vietnam

    journal photo

    by: nadovatous

    created on: May 09, 2017 | Vietnam

    A motorbike’s paradise There are millions of motorbike in Vietnam, some even says” If you don’t have a motorbike here, you are nobody”.  So the traffic in Vietnam is extremely dense and complicated.  Parking space for motorbikes in Vietnam is at a premium and some pavements have become parking lots. Sometimes this mean that pedestrians have no option but to share the road with traffic. In that case, be on high …

  • What Do You Achieve By Volunteering In India?


    by: ispiicevolunteeringindia

    created on: Feb 18, 2018 | Afghanistan

    What Do You Achieve By Volunteering In India? Volunteering offers you the much desirable global exposure. It is an opportunity to do something significant while traveling, develop relational skills. It also improves your professional skill set. When working as a Volunteer, you need to be patience, creative, hardworking, compassion and flexible. This goes a long way and is useful in your professional and own life. India being the country of irresistible diversity …

  • 5 best Tallinn tourist attraction

    journal photo

    by: GreenBaltic

    created on: Apr 18, 2017 | Estonia

    The Baltic region is rich in culture an historical elements that attract the attention of the tourists around the world. There are numerous things to see in the Baltic countries, like crumbling castles, amazing nature, forests, parks, modern spas, since these countries also got into modernization and much more that will keep you interested in the place. Plus you will learn a lot of things, since the Baltic culture is …

  • Making a donation page

    journal photo

    by: DonnaBisson

    created on: Apr 10, 2017 | Saint Helier, Channel Islands

    I have just setup a donation page to help my fund my travel, please sponsor me for a good cause:

  • The Beauty of Madagascar: Top Destinations


    by: MarthaM

    created on: Mar 25, 2017 | Antananarivo, Madagascar

    Whether you are enticed to travel to the island nation of Madagascar because of the popular movies based on the location, or you are hoping to get an up-close view of its amazing wildlife, there is no doubt that it makes a great place to visit. There is a variety of areas that you will want to check out while in Madagascar, and here are some of the top destinations. Royal …

  • Two months before flying out


    by: LouisSzopinski

    created on: Feb 13, 2017 | London, United Kingdom

    I can't wait to hear off to Costa Rica in April. I am looking forward to volunteering with an endangered species and to help look after baby turtles hand-to-hand. Today I am sorting out my passport and discussing flights. 

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