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  • First day in Ghana


    by: AmandaOkafor

    created on: Jul 24, 2018 | Accra, Ghana

    My trip to Ghana (kotoka airport ) was a short one. When I arrived at the airport and was done with the immigration. I exchanged a few dollars the airport and also got a sim card with some data on it. The data is important because the WiFi in the volunteer house can be quite slow.  Victor from VPWA picked me up at the airport. He was very welcoming and assisted in …

  • Accepted into a study abroad program in Scotland! Need help!

    journal photo

    by: missamanda007

    created on: Mar 04, 2018 | United States

    I have a fantastic opportunity to study abroad in Scotland this summer and I need a little help My financial aid is limited and will not be enough to fully cover the expense of the trip. Any donations will be used exclusively to fund my travel and cover any overseas expenses that are related to my educational pursuits there. No donation is too small, so if you're able to help, …

  • Top 10 Wines from Croatia

    journal photo

    by: TanyaAE

    created on: Feb 28, 2018 | Split, Croatia

    Croatia is exceedingly well known for its delectable wine offerings, so if you’re travelling to this refined country, you’ll likely want to be able to sample the best that it has to offer. With so many options, it can be tricky to narrow down, so here are our picks for the top 10 wines from Croatia. 1. Antun Adzic's 2010 Grasevina Vallis Aurea The grasevina is one of the most commonly planted …

  • Why Croatia is the best place to move to

    journal photo

    by: TanyaAE

    created on: Mar 29, 2017 | Split, Croatia

    Dobrodošli u Hrvatsku (welcome to Croatia). This is the phrase that keeps many people wondering; "Why should I really move to croatia?" With only about 21.83 square miles, is there anything good that can become of such a place? The answer is yes. Though it is a relatively small country, Croatia maintains a resolute fair position in the world's best desired destinations. Living in Croatia is among the best and …

  • Is it safe to travel in Vietnam?


    by: nadovatous

    created on: Dec 15, 2017 | Hanoi, Vietnam

    People who have traveled to Vietnam love the country for many good reasons: vibrant yet traditional cities, fascinating history and culture, breathtaking landscapes and friendly people, and exquisite dishes… Vietnam seems to have something for everyone. When traveling abroad to a new destination, people often ask about the safety aspect of it. When traveling on a Vietnam customized tour, you would never want to get hurt, or injured and always want to minimize …

  • Why A Holiday Is Good for You

    journal photo

    by: Emmapalmer

    created on: Nov 29, 2017 | Sydney, Australia

    Between work, family, friends and the host of other responsibilities week to week, taking a holiday can seem like a luxury many of us can’t afford. We dream of a beach escape, we continually get stressed, but many times, we don’t do anything about it. Put your head down and keep grinding is the popular mentality. However, there are proven benefits of taking that holiday. Here’s why: Stress Reduction Holidays are great for …

  • Send Kesik to Australia for the oppurtuinity of a lifetime!

    journal photo

    by: KesikM

    created on: Nov 07, 2017 | Canada

    I live in a small town called Gibbons, population 3,159 just outside of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. so, you know life here does not get to crazy, or over the top with under 4000 people, and only about 5% of those people are your age. you are surrounded by the same people everyday and every night. so, me and my best friend Brooke are looking to make a big change and …

  • The first steps

    journal photo

    by: StephanieFerrao

    created on: Jul 15, 2009 | Mysore, India

    I arrived in Mumbai, India. The first thing that struck me was the traffic congestion. I used to think the traffic in Dar es Salaam was bad, but this took me by surprise. I have many daily apprehensions, but crossing roads was never one till now. The honking is continual and from the looks of it, most drivers follow three lanes on a two-lane road. People seem so apt …

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  • Travelling to Bern at Christmas


    by: nicolamills02

    created on: Jan 05, 2018 | Bern, Switzerland

    Image Credit Bern is a picturesque town North of the Alps and is home to around 141,700 people. When travelling to Sweden there are some important checks you should be aware of to keep you safe and out of harm's way, particularly over the festive Christmas season. Additionally it can be hard to find your ways around an unfamiliar place that you’ve never been to before and you need to know …

  • Is Volunteering in India important?


    by: ispiicevolunteeringindia

    created on: Feb 18, 2018 | Dharamsala, India

    There are many reasons as to why one should volunteer in India. The population growth of the country has caused a situation whereby around 17.6% of the total world people live in India. Whereby 20.65% of them are the world's poorest people live in this country. The unfortunate of the nation suffers from starvation, lack of access to safe drinking water. The lack of essential health amenities and suitable housing, which cause …

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