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  • Why You Should Opt for an Escorted Tour in USA

    journal photo

    by: LucyRy

    created on: Aug 12, 2016 | United States

    Taking a tour to America is a dream come true for many tourists from all over the world. The experience can either be educative and awesome, or it can turn out to be tiresome and unfulfilling. Planning of individual tours is not only demanding but also exhaustive. There are several reasons why you need to get into an escorted tour where a tour organizer organizes your travel. They bring together a …

  • Day 4 - Journey to Victoria Falls


    by: MollyBuckmaster

    created on: Aug 11, 2016 | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    This morning was a beautiful sunny start to the day; definitely going to a hot one. After beak fast I was with the huge sheep flock Chipangali have and were watching the vet nurses (who just so happen to be volunteering here these next few weeks) inject all the sheep and weigh them. Bimectin and multivitamin were given to every sheep for their monthly doses to prevent infections or illnesses, …

  • Day 3


    by: MollyBuckmaster

    created on: Aug 11, 2016 | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    Woke up to the sound of the 'go away' bird. Yes that is a bird named that, and yes its deserves the title! Firstly today myself, the Canadian family and Alison had our official tour. What truly was amazing for me straight away was the fact that every single animal here has name, and everyone here knows each and every one. There are memorial paintings that have been done over he …

  • Day 1 - Journeying


    by: MollyBuckmaster

    created on: Aug 08, 2016 | London, United Kingdom

    'I'm tired does that count?' I joke with the man opposite me as for reasons why we should get on the plane first. Zoolander 2 - second film in and I cannot sleep! It was so strange setting off; the sunset and light filled the airplane with such a nice amber glow it was like a film! And then suddenly I looked out and it was pitch black. Up in the …

  • Day 2 - Arrival

    journal photo

    by: MollyBuckmaster

    created on: Aug 08, 2016 | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    Nightmare! Thanks a lot British Airways man for saying it was all authorised when it wasn't. Finally got it sorted but it was probably the most anxious I've ever been. Couldn't even get hold of my parents because I have no signal or wifi...Vodafone better sort it's life out!Flying over J'burg in our rickety old plane the city looked great! It did amuse me that pretty much everyone had a …

  • Day 1 - Journey

    journal photo

    by: MollyBuckmaster

    created on: Aug 07, 2016 | London, United Kingdom

    How exciting my first blog entry! So I'm still in England at the moment (just checking this works how I think it works). With everything packed and ready all I have to do is wait...and wait...and PATIENTLY wait some more till this evening's flight. Just found out that my flight has been delayed...not the best news, but as long as I don't miss my connecting flight it's shoul all be fine. Just a bit …

  • Travelers going abroad: A short guide to Dubrovnik

    journal photo

    by: the_globetrotter

    created on: Aug 01, 2016 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Croatia in general and particularly Dubrovnik, have become a must- see tourist destination for travelers. Dubrovnik, located in the extreme south of Croatia, is a rather stunningly intact walled-city. It's perched over-looking the Adriatic Sea coast. A hidden gem of the touring world for many years, this city has, over the past decade, shot to prominence to become one of the most desirable seaside holiday locations in the world. Dubrovnik’s …

  • The Top 5 Beaches in Australia

    journal photo

    by: TravelFreak

    created on: Jul 17, 2016 | Australia

    Going to the beach is one of Australia's favorite pastimes, a true nationwide celebration of the sand and the sea, two elements present here from time immemorial for everyone to enjoy. Indeed, in this regard the land Down Under is truly blessed, having a plethora of excellent beach options sprinkled across the entire country. If you're still unsure about where to go, the following five beaches are considered to be …

  • The eve of my first project


    by: Michael_Higgi

    created on: Jul 17, 2016 | La Paz, Bolivia

    I´ve never kept a diary/journal/blog before, so we´ll see if I can keep this up! Getting to know La Paz I´m sure it´s cliché to say, but La Paz takes your breath away - both because of the altitude and the spectacular views in every direction.  Getting from the airport to my hostel via the Teleférico should have earned me a rest, but I headed straight out on a walking tour. The content …

  • Day Two


    by: aberella

    created on: Jun 25, 2016 | Crete, Greece

    On a dreary, rainy day we arrive at the port of Irakleion and our first activity is visiting the Archeological Museum of Irakleion. The professor leading our trip is a Classics expert and his enthusiasm for the artifacts is infectuous- for me at least. I take WAY too many pictures (all of which I keep) of the artifacts because they fascinate me and this becomes a trend at every museum …

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