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  • 32 years old
  • From Kansas, United States
  • Currently in Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile

My exploration of Santiago de Chile, Summer 2015.

Yayoi Kusama 'Obsesion infinita' at CORPARTES.

Chile Santiago, Chile  |  May 13, 2015
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 Captivating Trip to the Art Museum CORPARTES in Santiago de Chile 

Today I decided to visit CORPARTES, an art museum in Santiago, Chile to view the 'Obsesion infinita' exhibit by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I found out about the exhibit by searching the tag 'Santiago' on Instagram. I saw mesmerizing images of lights and mirrors as well as paintings; I had to go check it out for myself! After finding transit directions, I was off. The metro is so easy to take and took me all the way from my doorstep to about 10 minutes away from the museum.

The exhibit itself was free if you got there early enough and luckily, I did. Upon entering there were large, colorful paintings on the walls. Following along the corridor, the room suddenly opened up to a dark, black light lit room with reflective stickers placed all over a room full of everyday household objects. The next room was lined with self portraits from different times in the artists life. The next hallway led to the grand finale: a mirrored room lit with ever-changing colored lights. The experience was incredibly surreal and I did not want to leave, the room was just amazing. Another great experience in Chile!

You should check out my photos and video :)

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