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What is the most interesting culture you've experienced?

Korean culture is one of them, I found it both curious and intriguing

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knuddel is knuddel

Germany Germany  |  Dec 13, 2007
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 knuddel is knuddel 

two nights past we made knuddel.

"what is knuddel?" I ask.
"knuddel is knuddel," says Zara. "there is no translation."

Knuddel, I discover, is three things: it is round, because it formed by some magic from milk, egg and breadcrumbs (i missed that part). it is filling, because after eating this soft delicious sphere it reforms into a solid mass in my stomach, and it is eaten carefully, and with a spoon, because there is a saying that goes whoever cuts the knuddel with a knife is cutting the heart of the chef. (=ö)
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