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  • 31 years old
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Traveling to Italy!

My flight to Italy..

If only David was real

Italy Florence, Italy  |  Sep 02, 2008
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 Of course people talk him up to be something amazing, and no matter how many times you hear it, David is absolutely AMAZING. 

One thing I truly wanted to do while exploring the city of Florence or Firenze was to see Michelangelo’s “David.” At first I thought just the search around the city to find where David was would be a challenge, but with good luck the museum ended up being located about 6-minutes from my apartment. The museum that David is located in is called Galleria dell’Accademia, and it is unbelievable. When you first walk into the museum you enter a room with beautiful religious artwork, everything is labeled in English and Italian, so don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t understand what anything is. So when I entered this main lobby room, I was in complete awe. Everything in the room is so old but the way it has been restored makes it look so pretty. The religious artwork truly helps you to remember how spiritual and sacred this place was.
Within this museum there was also a musical section where there are antique instruments that are hundreds of years old. There were many beautiful violins made of old wood that still have strings, and a magnificent xylophone type instrument that was decorated with Mother of Pearl. Just seeing these instruments alone could keep a tourist happy, but my friends and I wanted to see more. When we entered back into the large room with the religious paintings we immediately knew that David was going to be behind the next door.
Seeing him for the first time is mind boggling, I could not believe that 50 feet in front of me stood the greatest statue known to man. He is beautiful, absolutely incredible. Even as I walked down the long hall that lead to him it felt completely unreal, and of course my eyes started to water. There were other painting that lined the hall to him, but honestly who could stare at those when something like David stood in front of you. In truth is it unfair to have those paintings there; he is that amazing that you care less about anything and everything going on around you. Someone could yell “fire” and all you would hear is “David.”
Just seeing David is worth a trip to Florence. Of course people talk him up to be something amazing, and no matter how many times you hear it, David is absolutely AMAZING.
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