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Getting to know the historic city – Melaka, Malaysia

Glad we dropped by this historic city in Malaysia! One should really allot a whole week just to visit all the tourist and historic spots in Melaka, you'll all gonna enjoy!

Melaka Water Wheel

Malaysia Malacca, Malaysia  |  Sep 16, 2009
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On our way to the Church Street, we passed by the Melaka Water Wheel.  We decided to stay a little longer here to rest and take some photos.  The water wheel is just a replica and seems not to be functioning anymore.  It is located beside the Melaka River. 

This Malacca Malay Sultanate Water Wheel is said to be used to fuel Malacca’s booming port trade in the past. The group took photos with the replica and read the information printed on the information sheet found on the foot of the water wheel.

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